How a Simplest Changes in Hotel Website Design Can Impact Revenue


There are so many factors that impact travelers’ decisions in where to go, where to stay and how to book.  Six in 10 transport shoppers will change their mind per engagement a hotel room formed usually on what they review on amicable media.

You spend many selling dollars and put an implausible volume of bid into pushing business to your website.  It would be a contrition if they didn’t modify when they get there.

So how can we optimize your website to seductiveness visitors and expostulate them to book approach on your website? 

What if a answer was as elementary as adding a singular line of duplicate to pages within your site?  Well, in some cases, it competence be usually that easy.

In this post, we lay out a customer box investigate where we do usually that.  This client’s website launched with Vizergy in Jun 2016.  Since afterwards a website has grown in management and ranking during a clever clip.

While both altogether and healthy trade volume have been strong, we found ourselves carrying a formidable time achieving a auspicious CDRS (Customer Delivered to Reservation System).  CDRS refers to a commission of website visitors that indeed revisit a reservation complement to perspective accessible bookings.

Why magnitude CDRS?  This metric is a pivotal opening indicator to a success of hotel websites.

Getting a caller to a website is apparently really important, though it is usually a initial step.  By measuring how many visitors check rates we can see if we are attracting a ‘right’ visitors.

Checking room rates is one of a final stairs in a shopping process.  We know that if we can broach visitors to a reservation system, we are doing a job.  Also, if we are means to offer visitors reduce rates than competitors, thenthere is a good possibility that they will convert.

It’s easy to expostulate trade to a website, though pushing trade that checks rates is some-more difficult.  As time goes by and we accumulate some-more information we can establish what ‘sort’ of trade checks rates some-more often.  With that knowledge, we can change selling skeleton and combine some-more heavily on those segments.

The Challenge

Results for site visitors that visited a reservation complement given rising a new website have been as follows: June: 23.98 percent, July: 26.98 percent, August: 26.12 percent(percentage of sum visitors), that falls a bit brief of a sweeping thought of attack a 30 percent CDRS.  Hitting this thought is needed to pushing website generated income for this hotel.

To illustrate a significance of reaching this goal, here are some website income comparisons:

June 2015: $166,108               Jul 2015: $108,491                August 2015: $172,780

June 2016: $117,692               Jul 2016: $101,728                 Aug 2016: $123,215

While altogether website visits this year were allied to visits from final year, a income differences are undeniable.  Of course, there are other factors in play such as click to call actions from other digital selling and promotion efforts that minister to altogether hotel revenue.  These factors are not enclosed in these numbers and shouldn’t be a categorical cause in these discrepancies.  Also, a year-over-year reservation complement visits information during that time was incomplete.  The customer was not operative with us for some-more than a year and this was not a metric that they were measuring before to being on house with Vizergy.

The manageable website we launched is utterly eye catching, easy to use and a reservation complement is distinguished on any page.  However, while a website is some-more user-friendly than a aged website, we found that a new website competence also be a bit some-more distracting.  The site is beautifully designed, there is so many to demeanour during and review that a caller competence leave a site but ever carrying checked rates.  If a caller is selling for a hotel room and is looking during mixed hotels, they competence book on a site that is some-more true forward, reduction distracting and drives them directly to a reservation system.

So, with these conditions in mind, how do we make improvements to a website that will broach some-more business to a reservation complement and expostulate some-more revenue?

The Solution

At this point, we positively did not consider a site redesign would be beneficial, however,  I suspicion it would be unsentimental to brand some of a many visited pages and use a calm to remind visitors that they could check rates or special packages while there.

Identifying a tip pages on a site was simply finished as we had already been tracking site trade and page views for any page.  After evaluating a tip pages, we combined some additional duplicate that would inspire visitors to take a demeanour during a Reservation system.  Here are some examples of calls to movement that we added”

On a “Photo Gallery” page:

“After exploring a Manhattan hotel’s print gallery check out a rates, we demeanour brazen to saying you!”

And on a “Rooms” page:

“Check out our current rates or special offers now!”

You get a idea.  Seems simple, right?  Too simple?  After edition a few of these updates in September, we started to see improvements in visits to a reservation system.

The Results

In Sep 2016, we strike and exceeded a 30 percent CDRS goal.  It was 30.73 percent. In addition, comparing income from Sep 2015 to that of 2016 showed that a site was outperforming final year’s results.

September 2015: $175,531            October 2015: $174,116              Nov 2015: $147,526

September 2016: $190,540            October 2016: $211,551              November 2016: $161,737

The graphs below show that visits have been allied to a year prior…

Graph - Visits by month

… while CDRS has also increased significantly and continues to grow.

Graph - Visits to CDRS

Since September, we achieved 29.65 percent in business who checked rates in October.  This series has given continued to increase, display a 34.64 commission of visits in November.

Overall, given creation a improvements to a website, we have seen an normal boost in rates checked by around 5 percent monthly.  More importantly, we’ve seen an alleviation in monthly income of adult to 20 percent as compared to a year prior.  The customer has been so gratified and tender by these formula that Vizergy has begun implementing changes such as these on many customer sites.  We will continue using this tactic as a best use and wish to move serve softened formula to clients in a future.

Are we meddlesome in pushing some-more business to your reservation complement and eventually pushing some-more approach income from your property’s website?  Vizergy can assistance we grow your site trade and authority, enlivening visitors to book approach on your website.  Call Vizergy during 1(800)201-1949 to see how we can expostulate some-more approach income from your website today. 

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