How Chrome Digital Signage Drove Traffic to The Statue of Liberty Website

I ran opposite a story on Google’s Connected Workspaces blog how digital signage powered by Google Chrome was used to expostulate website trade to a Statue of Liberty and to make a store underneath it some-more engaging.

Evelyn Hill, a present emporium underneath a Statue of Liberty on Ellis Island, wanted to obey a print competition they saw compelling a remote inhabitant park in Florida called Dry Tortugas. They were told to hit BlackDogscreen-shot-2016-12-13-at-5-35-36-pm Advertising formed in Miami, Florida, that combined a cold kiosk in their caller core arrangement photos where people were opposed to win a $500 prize. The Evelyn Hill present emporium wanted that too.

“We took on a plea of transforming Evelyn Hill’s present emporium and restaurant, a Crown Cafe, into a caller destination, and pushing trade to,” says John W. Penney, artistic executive and CEO of BlackDog Advertising.

Evelyn Hill was meddlesome in replicating a print contest. “This time, we’d be formulating a live print feed so visitors could see images as they were uploaded” Penney said. “My association had a good knowledge regulating Chrome inclination before, so we motionless to use Chrome digital signage inclination since they are easy to deploy, cost effective and make calm government a breeze.”


Penney says that “the print competition has driven implausible engagement” with over 21,700 print votes cast, both in chairman and online. The website saw a 270% boost in trade though some-more importantly, a kiosk itself has turn a really enchanting partial of a caller experience. Because of this a store is looking during ways to enhance a print competition to some-more locations on Ellis. Best of all, it’s a really inexpensive approach to boost website trade and also make a revisit to their Ellis Island store some-more fun.

How To Do It For Your Business

To expostulate high engagement, we combined live-updating digital signs to pull visitors into a Crown Cafe and rivet them in a print contest. Monitors are powered by Google Chromebits that are remotely operated regulating Chrome Device Management, so a cafeteria can simply arrangement competition results. Meanwhile, visitors can use a #PictureLiberty hashtag to share their photos on a Statue of Liberty website and inspire their friends to opinion for their submission.

The coherence of Chrome lets us optimize signage solutions. With Chrome Device Management we were means to simply implement WooBox, that collected competition photos from amicable media, on all of a managed inclination (in this case, Chromebits). We don’t wish to broach cookie-cutter solutions to a customers, and Chrome enables us to build solutions that mount out from a crowd.

Using Chrome also helped keep a debate cost effective. Since Chrome Sign Builder is giveaway to use and a print calm is user-generated, hardware was a usually cost. Each of Liberty Island’s 4 units cost only $109, including entrance to Chrome Device Management, that authorised us to simply implement apps on a Chromebits. Achieving this low cost would have been unfit with any other digital signage solution.

Read some-more of a post by BlackDog Advertising’s John W. Penney on Google’s Connected Workspaces blog.