REI sees 36-percent spike in online trade as millions motionless to #OptOutside on Black Friday

REI optoutside
An REI worker who opted outward and had her picture common on a company’s Instagram feed. (REI around Instagram)

For a second true year, REI sealed a section and trebuchet stores and speedy business to #OptOutside rather than come in and spend income on Black Friday, a outrageous selling day after Thanksgiving. And again, a bid paid off online for a Seattle-based outward retailer.

According to information common by SimilarWeb, that marks digital analytics, REI was among some of a some-more successful retailers when it came to increasing web trade around a holiday. averaged 431,000 daily visitors for desktop and mobile web from Jan to Oct 2016. On Thanksgiving day this year, a series was 549,00, a 31-percent boost over final year’s holiday sum of 418,000.

On Black Friday, captivated 716,000 visitors, adult 36 percent over 2015’s sum of 525,000. And a trade kept rolling all a approach to Cyber Monday, where 1,019,000 visitors bumped a site 35 percent aloft than 2015’s 756,000 visitors.

REI doesn’t criticism itself on online sales or bond #OptOutside to sales total directly, and instead focuses on how a transformation speedy an even larger following this year.

“We magnitude success by a 600 organizations who got some-more than 6 million people into a outside on Black Friday,” an REI orator told GeekWire. “It was only amazing. #OptOutside has strictly grown over REI.”

Thanks for selecting to #OptOutside with us! More than 6 million people, pets and organizations skipped a malls and assimilated us outside. Thanks for creation Friday another good day outdoors.

A print posted by REI (@rei) on Nov 26, 2016 during 9:36am PST

How did we spend time outside on Black Friday? Hiking? Biking? Walking your dog in a internal park? Let us know by posting in a comments or tagging #OptOutside.

A print posted by REI (@rei) on Nov 27, 2016 during 7:32pm PST

By shutting a 149 store locations and paying all 12,287 of a employees to take a day off and suffer a outdoors, a commune was winning in ways totalled over dollar signs. Once again, shoppers were free to use REI’s website, though orders were not processed until a following day.

Last year’s initial #OptOutside bid constructed a 26-percent rise in Black Friday web traffic.

“We trust that being outward creates us a best selves — healthier and happier, physically and mentally. But as a republic we’re still spending over 90 percent of a lives indoors and it’s a trend we need to tackle,” REI CEO Jerry Stritzke pronounced in a news recover in October. “I adore that there is a village of people in this nation who dedicate their lives to that mission, so together, we are seeking America “Will we go out with us?”

SimilarWeb’s analytics offering a benchmark for year-over-year trade change for a tip 25 online retailers in a U.S. On Thanksgiving, a tip 25 were adult 11.8 percent this year. Black Friday saw a burst of 16.1 percent and Cyber Monday was adult 21.5 percent.

Other retailers with poignant year-over-year increases in web traffic, according to SimilarWeb, enclosed associate outward association, that saw a 93-percent burst in Thanksgiving shoppers, a 99-percent burst on Black Friday and a 71-percent boost compared to 2015 on Cyber Monday. also posted large series increases, adult 50.2 percent on Thanksgiving, 33.5 percent on Black Friday and 23.1 percent on Cyber Monday.

SimilarWeb reports that trade to Nordstrom’s was adult 8 percent on Thanksgiving, when a stores were closed, though down 5 percent on Black Friday and 2 percent on Cyber Monday.