President-elect Donald Trump revisit shuts down Cincinnati highways

CINCINNATI — Major highways were sealed during rush hour in and around Downtown forward of President-elect Donald Trump’s revisit Thursday, withdrawal many drivers asking: What gives? 

Large sections of Interstates 71/75 were close down to a airfield for some-more than an hour. Backups were reported on tools of I-275 as well.

Traffic cameras were incited divided from a roads along Trump’s track as a confidence measure, and a Ohio Department of Transportation’s “OHGO” website done no discuss of a closures.

Trump addressed a emanate when he spoke during U.S. Bank Arena.

“I didn’t know what came with this position,” he said. “And we didn’t know that they sealed a roads around this track for an hour-and-a-half.

“We’ve got to work out a new understanding with a Secret Service. But we adore them, right?”

Responding to critique from drivers over a miss of notice, city officials pronounced a Secret Service doesn’t concede a recover of transport routes or times in advance. 

“Many of us were stranded in a same trade mess,” Cincinnati Director of Communications Rocky Merz said. “This is not something we have a contend in and regrettably for us, this closure of a widespread in KY during this time of day, resulted in vital trade problems removing in and out of downtown Cincinnati this evening.”

Jill Gerwel and her daughter, Riley, were perplexing to get to a School for Creative and Performing humanities in Cincinnati for Riley’s opening in The Nutcracker, though they never even done it opposite a overpass into Ohio.

Jill parked a automobile during Newport on a Levee, and a dual ran scarcely a mile and a half to get to Riley’s opening on time.

“We were using as quick as we could,” Jill Gerwel said. “I had my heels on. we took my heels off and was using barefoot.”

Trump arrived in Cincinnati 30 mins progressing than Vice President-Elect Mike Pence. That opening between their dual arrivals extended a closure, officials said, since a Secret Service didn’t free a highway between any arrival.