Reserve Bank of India website flooded with trade after demonetisation

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) suffered skyrocketing website trade after a country’s demonetisation announcement, it has been revealed. The bank, that has been attempting to recalibrate and say India’s ATMs following a financial changes, was flooded with visits to a website.

According to web analytics site SimilarWeb, a RBI website gifted 14x a common traffic, promulgation it crashing during usually a time people in India were looking for solutions and advice. The government’s proclamation reportedly even took a country’s media by surprise, with a RBI website being a usually arguable source of information.

RBI has also announced that it will be environment adult a new charge force to understanding with a bum ATM infrastructure in a country. Headed adult by Deputy Governor SS Mundra, a charge force will try to recalibrate a ATM networks of India following a recover of a new 500 and 2,000 rupee notes.

Joining a organisation are officials from a Finance Ministry, banks, and a executive bank, as good as a deputy from a Ministry of Home Affairs and a National Payments Corporation of India. The total group will yield “direction and guidance” for a recalibration. With some-more than 220,000 ATMs opposite a country, a charge will be no tiny feat.

  • By Alex Hamilton
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