Macy’s Web Site Buckles Under Heavy Traffic on Black Friday

Every year, some bad retailer’s web site buckles underneath a weight of complicated Black Friday or Cyber Monday traffic, depriving it of sales on a vital selling weekend.

Last year, it was Neiman Marcus and Target, and a year before, Best Buy.

This year, it’s Macy’s


, potentially depriving it of pivotal sales on what Adobe says could be a $3 billion e-commerce day for all U.S. retailers combined.

Shoppers perplexing to revisit in a late morning and early afternoon on Black Friday, a second biggest selling day of a year (after a Saturday before Christmas), were greeted with a “temporary selling jam” summary due to crawl selling traffic. As of 2:25 p.m. E.T. on Friday, a site was still experiencing a problem.


A summary ask shoppers to wait about 10 seconds, modernise their browsers, and afterwards enter a site. That worked when Fortune attempted it. But some business took to Twitter


to protest that once a page was reloaded, they couldn’t adding equipment to their carts.

Last year, Target’s web site combined practical watchful lines to understanding with complicated online trade on Cyber Monday.

The snafus couldn’t be some-more feeble timed for Macy’s, a fourth largest U.S. online tradesman with sales final year of $5 billion, according to eMarketer. The tradesman is perplexing to get behind to sales expansion after several buliding of declines and has invested heavily in a e-commerce.

Earlier on Friday, Adobe Digital Insights foresee digital revenues would arise 11.3% on Black Friday. As Fortune reported, Target and Kohl’s, both approach rivals to Macy’s, any reported record online sales on Thanksgiving.

Though a Macy’s mouthpiece did not immediately respond to a Fortune ask for comment, she told CNBC, “We are now experiencing high volume on a site, that has slowed traffic.” The mouthpiece added: “We are still holding a high volume of online orders, and we are operative fast to assuage a check emanate that we wish to have resolved shortly.”

Macy’s Black Friday deals are accessible by midnight on Saturday.

This week, Target announced it was spreading out a Cyber Monday sales over dual days and charity them in stores, in a pierce seen as designed in partial to palliate vigour on

Catchpoint Systems, a use that monitors e-commerce sites opening and alerted Fortune to Macy’s problems, remarkable that Williams-Sonoma’s site was also experiencing problems.