Macy’s website can’t keep adult with spike in traffic

The flub is a latest in a array of issues on bricks-and-mortar retailers’ websites. Last year, Target suffered a high-profile slack that prevented shoppers from checking out; a year before, Best Buy had issues.

ChannelAdvisor has formerly pronounced that retailers remove about 4 percent of a day’s sales any hour their sites are down.

“We are now experiencing high volume on a site, that has slowed traffic,” a mouthpiece for Macy’s told CNBC. “We are still holding a high volume of online orders, and we are operative fast to assuage a check emanate that we wish to have resolved shortly.”

The company’s Black Friday deals are accessible by midnight on Saturday, a mouthpiece noted.

On Thursday, Macy’s reported a clever start to a Black Friday weekend, with 16,000 people rushing into a Herald Square New York flagship during a open during 5 p.m.

Catchpoint Systems, that monitors retailers’ web performance, also reported delayed bucket times on Williams-Sonoma‘s page, of some-more than 25 seconds. Spokespersons for that code did not immediately respond to CNBC.