NJDOT Launches Website for Traffic Incident Management Training

NJDOT Embarks on Statewide Trash Removal Campaign

NJDOT Embarks on Statewide Trash Removal Campaign


Posted: Friday, Nov 18, 2016 12:00 pm

NJDOT Launches Website for Traffic Incident Management Training

Press Release


TRENTON — As partial of National Traffic Incident Response week, Nov. 14 – 18, New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) officials on Nov. 17 announced a launch of a new Traffic Incident Management (TIM) web site and apparatus portal to assistance sight initial responders.

New Jersey is a heading state in TIM Responder Training that brings police, firefighters, medical personnel, DOT, towing, and other occurrence responders together to rivet in interactive, hands-on occurrence fortitude exercises.

The TIM training module focuses on a response bid that protects motorists and responders while minimizing a impact on trade flow. Working together opposite agencies is essential to safely and fast responding to and clearing an incident. Each year a normal series of responders struck and killed nationally while operative in or nearby relocating trade are:

• Fire/Rescue and EMS: 6 to 8 any year

• Law Enforcement: 10 to 12 any year

• Tow/Recovery: 50 any year

• DOTs, Public Works, and Safety Service Patrols: 100 killed any year, and 20,000 injured

The life-saving training is partial of a inhabitant bid to urge a reserve of initial responders and others on a stage of highway crashes. The march is dictated to share local, state, and inhabitant best practices by providing responders a believe they need to control safe, discerning clearances of alley incidents. NJDOT and a partner agencies have lerned some-more than 8,000 occurrence response personnel.

The new NJTIM web portal, www.NJTIM.org, was grown by NJDOT, in partnership with academia and a response partners, to make a Department’s ongoing bid to sight initial responders in New Jersey some-more permitted and to share information per a State’s Traffic Incident Management program.

The website serves dual purposes. First, it allows initial responders to pointer adult for an existent TIM training category or ask a incomparable category be hosted for their agency. Interested responders can hunt scheduled classes by date, county or zip code. The category can be used for stability preparation credits and veteran growth hours for certain disciplines.

The website also provides information associated to New Jersey’s Traffic Incident Management Strategic Plan, Traffic Incident Management Safety Guidelines for Emergency Responders, a office of all phone numbers for law coercion agencies within a State of New Jersey as good as inhabitant investigate information about Traffic Incident Management and links to learn some-more about a state of TIM in a country. The site is designed for use on both desktop computers and mobile devices.

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Friday, Nov 18, 2016 12:00 pm.

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