Neustar DNS ShieldTM Network Securely Delivers High-speed Web …

Inc. (NYSE: NSR), a trusted, neutral provider of real-time information
services, currently announced a open launch of a DNS ShieldTM,
a worldwide network of secure private domain name complement (DNS)
connectors between Neustar and a partners. Neustar’s DNS ShieldTM
network is eccentric of open internet networks and embodies an
industry-first proceed to expelling latency and security
vulnerabilities for DNS trade within a partner network.

“DNS is a fortitude of a Internet, though a strange custom design
was somewhat injured and unsuccessful to take in to comment some of the
intensity confidence issues, that now make it an appealing aim for
attacks,” pronounced Rodney Joffe, SVP and Distinguished Fellow, Neustar.
“Optimizing and safeguarding DNS is a mission-critical charge given an
outage can outcome in downtime, network latency, mislaid revenue, and a
disastrous code experience.”

The new presentation of a Mirai botnet, that compromised insecure
Internet of Things (IoT) devices, combined a ideal sourroundings for
large DDoS attacks on DNS servers, that resulted in vital Website
outages. The DNS ShieldTM network forms a secure connection
between Neustar UltraDNS lawful servers and a recursive servers
of a partners, minimizing a exposed points of concede targeted
in distributed rejection of use (DDoS) attacks and DNS Spoofing, while
obscure a latency of DNS exchange and improving a reliability
of query responses significantly.

Neustar’s DNS ShieldTM network supplements a tellurian IP
Anycast Network by adding scores of private nodes to a existent 30
open nodes opposite 6 continents to answer some-more than 33 billion
queries per day. The Neustar network already includes a purpose-built
DDoS slackening fortitude that protects a UltraDNS network, though the
further of a DNS ShieldTM network will harden a defenses
opposite attacks by stealing trade wholly from a open Internet

Key advantages and facilities of a DNS ShieldTM network include:

  • Lower Latency – Delivers higher Website opening through
    a private DNS ShieldTM network, enabling DNS trade to
    by-pass ubiquitous open Internet networking connectivity that is
    frequently delayed and congested, ensuring that even holiday trade or
    massively scaling users can't means outages or delays. In many cases
    a DNS ShieldTM network nodes are located within 100 feet
    of partner recursive servers, shortening network latency to singular digit
    milliseconds – a fastest in a world.
  • Enhanced Security – The DNS ShieldTM network
    creates a private network for DNS fortitude within a partner
    network, expelling confidence threats, such as DDoS attacks and cache
    poisoning attempts by helmet approach DNS connectors from public
    perspective and incompatible open Internet traffic.
  • Better Reliability – In a eventuality of a DDoS conflict or
    poignant network outage, DNS queries will continue to resolve
    within a private networks where DNS ShieldTM technology
    is deployed. This resiliency ensures an optimal network knowledge for
    Neustar partners and business to safeguard limit uptime.

“DNS stays constantly threatened by DDoS attacks, cache poisoning
assaults, spoofing attempts, and innocently enough, high volume website
traffic, that can all lead to use disruptions for a significant
apportionment of a Internet,” pronounced Joffe. “Neustar is hardwiring the
Internet with private network connectors between a authoritative
servers and a partner’s recursive servers, tying a intensity for
a UltraDNS network to stoop to these attacks.”

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