Canada’s Immigration Web Site Crashed After 2016 US Election?

Claim: Americans crashed Canada’s immigration web site immediately after Donald Trump was elected.


Example: [Collected around e-mail, Nov 2016]

Canadian immigration website was down during 245 am. Screenshot attached.

Origin:As a 8 Nov 2016 U.S. ubiquitous choosing wound down, amicable media users claimed that Canada’s immigration web site had crashed since of a results:

On 9 Mar 2016, we reported on a scarcely matching explain that Canada’s immigration site had crashed after a fibre of Trump’s primary wins. The Mar 2016 site errors lasted much longer than a initial hunt spike:

A pivotal aspect of a gossip hinged on a series of Americans acid for ways to get out of a nation on Canada’s central immigration site, yet when we visited that couple on 9 Mar 2016, a scarcely matching blunder summary appeared: My_immigration_or_citizenship_application

The site was untouched for some visitors, yet connectivity problems were not indispensably compared with discontented voters:

Lisa Filipps, a mouthpiece for Citizenship and Immigration Canada, reliable on Wednesday that a department’s site had unsuccessful “as a outcome of a poignant boost in a volume of traffic,” yet she gave no sum about a source of a traffic. Ms. Filipps pronounced technicians were operative to revive a site. The pile-up combined to a flourishing list of mechanism problems that have tormented a Canadian supervision for several years.

Canada’s Citizenship and Immigration web site was untouched for tools of 8 and 9 Nov 2016. Similar rumors circulated during primary elections in Mar 2016, and problems with a Canadian government’s technical infrastructure were previously documented. 

On 10 Nov 2016, a Canadian supervision confirmed that a “flood” of visitors from a United States was indeed what had crashed a site:

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada reliable that visitors from a U.S. done adult half a trade on a website when it “started to knowledge difficulties” around 11 p.m. on Nov. 8. The common suit of visitors from a U.S. ranges from 8.8 to 11.6 per cent.

In total, 200,000 users were on a website when it crashed, compared to 17,000 users during a same time a prior week.

At a time of a crash, 37 per cent of visitors were in Canada, 3 per cent in Australia and one per cent in a United Kingdom.

Last updated: 10 Nov 2016

Originally published: 09 Nov 2016


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