Abandon ship: Global immigration websites news post-election swell in US trade (PHOTO)

In a hours heading adult to a Republican’s startle feat over Democrat Hillary Clinton, Canada’s central immigration website crashed, presumably due to fears of what a Trump presidency could mean.

Now Canadian officials have reliable that during slightest 200,000 people, half of them from a US, were on a site when it went down on choosing night.

According to CBC news, a normal trade for a residency focus use is 17,000 people during any given moment.

Figures supposing by a Canadian supervision advise that US trade to a site jumped by some 98,300 as news of a Republican feat filtered through.

A identical swell has been celebrated in New Zealand residency enquiries, according to reports.

Immigration New Zealand – that offers visas for people to visit, investigate and work on a South Pacific island – saw web trade arise roughly 2,500 percent in a 24 hours after a US election.

A orator for a supervision use told Radio NZ that 70,500 visits were from a US, adult from a unchanging 1,500.

“INZ typically receives about 3,000 registrations any month around a New Zealand Now website from US nationals,” a orator pronounced on Thursday. “In a past 24 hours, 7,287 registrations have been perceived from American citizens.”

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A tie of celebrities have threatened to leave a US if a billionaire existence TV star took office, including author Lena Dunham, Samuel L Jackson, and Breaking Bad actor Bryan Cranston.

“I’d be an expatriate,” Cranston told a Bestseller Experiment podcast, when asked what would occur if Trump won a election. “I would really move… it’s not genuine to me that [a Trump victory] would happen. we wish to God it won’t.”

One entrance for those seeking to burst boat could be a shotgun matrimony to Swede Gustav Hallén.

The Stockholm proprietor is offered his palm in matrimony on Ebay to anyone looking to leave a US. But there’s a catch, a cost is US$50,000.

© eBay

“Why not pierce to a improved place? Like Sweden,” a 30-year-old’s online advert reads. “Open for all suggestions female, masculine and others. Likes prolonged walks and Netflix and chill.”

The offer comes with some teenager seller warnings, however. Hallén, a surfer, says he has some continue repairs and “minor eye problems”.

“But altogether good earthy health and a excellent specimen,” he adds.