Boston area trade advisories: Major road on Route 128 this weekend

Friday and Monday, Nov. 4-7


The highway will be sealed in both directions from someday after a evenight rush hours on Friday, Nov. 4, until early Monday morning, Nov. 7, to concede for demoltion of a old Highland Avenue Bridge over I-95/Route 128 as partial of a Add-A-Lane project. Vehicles will be detoured onto a dual line offramps and opposite Highland Avenue and behind onto a highway. Highland Avenue will be sealed to internal trade to concede detoured trade to cranky it but stopping.


Demolishing of fee plazas will continue until a finish of 2017.

Sign adult for an E-Z Pass transponder; 1-877-627-7745

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Oct. 28 through Nov. 22

During a dispersion and alley reformation process, vehicles will be channelized into lanes and guided by a construction work section with barrels, barriers, and signage.

During a initial theatre of dispersion and reconstruction, a transport lanes on a outward portions of a fee plazas will be used to accommodate trade while a interior apportionment of a fee piazza area is being demolished.

For reserve reasons, drivers will be compulsory to say a posted 15 MPH speed boundary during this proviso of demolition. Police sum will be onsite to safeguard a fit upsurge of trade and to make a speed limits.

All Electronic Tolling was  activated on Friday night and all existent fee plazas along I-90, (the Massachusetts Turnpike), are now set adult with a proxy line assignments indispensable for a initial proviso of fee piazza dispersion and highway reconstruction. 

The new All Electronic Tolling website, (, was activated Friday at 10 p.m., to yield information on gantry rates, a hours and locations of Customer Service Centers, and a routine for receiving a giveaway transponder.  This website functionality for transponder applications and patron comment entrance will be activated on Tuesday, Nov 1, at 7 a.m. The emigration of 1.7 million patron accounts and other information from a former website to a new website is holding several days.

There are 23 active construction zones during a existent fee plazas along I-90 and a posted speed extent is 15 mph by any of these construction zones. This speed extent will sojourn in place until November 22, as crews are concerned in a routine of demolishing a core areas of existent fee plazas and reconstructing a roadways in those core areas. 

I-93 NB 

Right line closure on I-93 NB from north of exit 27 to exit 30 on Friday, Nov 4 and Saturday, Nov 5 with a double right line closure starting at 11 PM. Work is scheduled to interpretation at 5 AM.

Left line closure on I-93 NB from north of exit 27 to exit 30 on Sunday, Nov 6 starting at 8 PM and switching to a double left line closure at 11 PM. Work will interpretation on Monday, Nov 7 during 5 AM.

Closure of I-93 NB, exit 29 on Friday, Nov 4 from 9 PM to 11:59 PM.

Left line closure on I-93 NB 1/4 mile north of exit 4 onramp on Saturday, Nov 5 from 11 AM to 12 PM.

Left line closure on I-93 NB from north of exit 27 to exit 30 on Sunday, Nov 6 and Monday, Nov 7 starting at 8 PM with a double left  line closure at 11 PM. Work is scheduled to interpretation at 5 AM.  


Full closure of Highland Ave EB and WB between Hunting Road and 2nd Ave. Traffic detoured (EB) onto Hunting, Kendrick, 4th Ave, 2nd Ave (reverse for WB) on Friday, Nov 4 starting at 8 PM and durability until 3 PM Sunday, Nov 6th.

Shift all I-95 NB trade onto Highland Ave exit ramp, opposite Highland Ave and behind on Highland Ave onramp  on Friday, Nov 4 starting at 8 PM and final at 6 PM Saturday, Nov 5. 

Shift all I-95 SB trade onto Highland Ave exit ramp, opposite Highland Ave and behind on Highland Ave onramp from 6 PMSaturday, Nov 5 to 3 PM Sunday, Nov 6.


Alternating singular line closures in ramp from Ted Williams Tunnel EB, exit 26 on Friday, Nov 4 and Sunday, Nov 6 from 10 PM to 4 AM. 


Closure of NB Fore River Bridge (Rte 3A) SB. Two-way segregated trade in SB instruction on Saturday, Nov 5 from 7 AM to 3 PM.



Old Colony



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Weekend service, Memorial Day by Columbus Day

Marina Bay ferry


Grape Island is sealed to packet trade for a season.


Fore River Bridge alerts Live traffic coverage on a map regulating some-more than 350 traffic cameras that modernise ever 2 to 4 seconds, accidents and tie-upsand construction information.  

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