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Guest Post by Nicholas Rubright

For musicians, carrying a website is a normal these days.  However, many artists don’t use their website to their full potential.  Most musician websites lay idly online until they send a couple to someone or give it a discuss on stage.

Your website shouldn’t simply be used as a music distribution channel.  When it comes to getting your song listened online, your website can be a absolute fan merger channel that translates your website trade into new fans – though how do we go about appropriation a website trade in a initial place?

You don’t simply wish to post links to your website around a internet in ways that are usually ever going to get we a few page views for hours of work, we wish to find a channels that let we continue to acquire website trade over time once you’ve put in a work to build them up.

Here are 3 ways to expostulate durability website trade to your song website.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Showing Up in Google


Website trade from hunt engines like Google is good given it’s totally free, and if we arrange good in renouned hunt terms, a trade will keep coming.

So, how do we get your website to uncover adult in Google?

It unequivocally comes down to providing calm that people are acid for, optimizing a calm for targeted keywords, and removing other websites to couple to that calm so it ranks aloft for a targeted keyword.

Here’s how to get started with SEO.

Start blogging

The best approach to uncover adult in Google is to start a blog.  This increases a series of pages Google will index on your website, that creates it some-more expected that you’ll uncover adult in hunt results.  Once we have a blog set up, choose a subject to write about that interests we and that is expected to seductiveness those within your song scene.

Finding targeted keywords

When we have your selected topic, it’s time to do some keyword research to find renouned keywords.

When acid for keywords, we wish to find those that have high volume, though are reduction competitive.  If a hunt tenure is filled with formula from a tip 100 websites, it’s going to be tough for your calm to arrange well.

To find new keywords, use Google’s keyword planner.  While we do need an Adwords comment to use it, we don’t have to have any ads indeed running.

To use a keyword planner, only form in something we consider will seductiveness readers of your new blog, and afterwards a list of keywords will uncover adult with their monthly hunt volumes.  Type some of these keywords into Google to check out a stream results, and see if we can put together something better.

Write for other blogs

Once we have a good volume of calm on your blog, a good approach to get links behind to yours, and boost your rankings in Google, is to write for other blogs.

To do this, simply find blogs in your niche by regulating some of these hunt strings:

  • Your keyword + “guest post”
  • Your keyword + “write for us”
  • Your keyword + “guest article”
  • Your keyword + “this is a guest post by”

Once we find a good sized blog in your niche that accepts guest posts, demeanour around their blog to see what they’ve created about before, brainstorm some essay ideas, and send them an email like this one:

Hey [Name],

I was on a hunt for some information about [Topic] and came opposite your blog.  Awesome stuff!

I’m contacting we given I’d like to minister an article.

I’ve been brainstorming some ideas that we consider your readers would get a ton of value from:


  • Idea 1
  • Idea 2
  • Idea 3


I’ll make certain to embody information that’s formidable to find elsewhere.

You can also check out a blog here.

Looking brazen to your response!

Best Regards,

Nicholas Rubright

Using an email identical to a one above, I’ve been means to beget a 1 in 10 response rate, and many of these responses lead to guest posts being published.  Getting backlinks to your website is a many absolute approach to boost your rankings.

Backlinko and QuickSprout are overwhelming resources for training all we can about hunt engine optimization.  They both yield actionable information that helps we build backlinks to boost SEO trade quickly.

  • Social Media


Social media isn’t only about how to conduct your amicable media pages or how to foster your song on Twitter or Facebook – it’s about leveraging a rendezvous on these platforms to expostulate some-more trade to your website.

Social share buttons

A good approach to get amicable media trade for your website is to precedence amicable share buttons.  You can use giveaway services like SumoMe to supplement these to your blog or website.

Social share buttons can precedence incoming trade from hunt engines and other sources by enlivening visitors to share your calm and web pages with their followers, thereby pushing some-more trade to your website.

Mention others in your blog articles

If we discuss another musician, brand, or website in one of your articles, strech out to them and see if they’ll share it with their followers.  This can expostulate code new, targeted trade to your website if executed properly.  Depending on your blogs topic, a good approach to take advantage of this can be to set adult interviews with influencers for your blog.

Share some-more than once

Sharing some-more than once on amicable networks like Twitter can severely boost a volume of trade we accept from amicable media, given Twitter’s feed is genuine time.

When we share some-more than once, be certain to write a opposite summary any time so your supporters aren’t worried if they occur to see a same couple twice.

  • Your Email List


Getting fans to pointer adult to your email list is one thing, though gripping them intent in a approach that drives them to your website is another.

Getting your mailing list subscribers to your website can outcome in larger song and sell sales, and boost amicable media shares of your website content.  However, to precedence an email list as a source of website traffic, we need to get mailing list subscribers.

Here are some ways to get subscribers for your email list.

Promote it on your blog

If we have a blog, flourishing your mailing list by your website can be intensely powerful.  If we yield readers with profitable content, they’ll wish more, and will click a allow symbol when asked.  You can ask visitors to allow to your email list during a finish of a article, though given many people won’t review a whole articles, popup forms can put acclimatisation rates in a high single-digit percentages.


Ask fans to allow during checkout

People who are creation a squeeze on your website are already in adore with what you’re doing, so carrying them as mailing list subscribers can outcome in some-more rendezvous with a emails we send out.

Promote it on amicable media

If we keep your mailing list calm opposite from your amicable media calm (like we should), afterwards as a partial of your promotional posts, block divided during your email list with disdainful calm and special offers.

If your email list is vast enough, promulgation out weekly emails can move users behind to your website, and fuel new visits by amicable media shares – both of that can outcome in increasing sales.