New EZ Pass website adult and running


Mass DOT has transitioned to electronic ringing and demolishing a fee booths is underway. On Tuesday, Mass DOT said their new website is now entirely functioning to pointer adult for an EZ Pass.

The EZ Pass website went down final week, as many drivers attempted to pointer up. There was a spike in web trade as drivers scrambled to get an EZ Pass final minute. The website was at capacity. At a same time, Mass DOT also pronounced they were compliance a website over a weekend. That site is now entirely running, it can be accessed at,

Tolling has been totally switched over to all-electronic, so we can compensate possibly with your EZ Pass or by your permit plate. Without an EZ Pass drivers would get a check in a mail. For a initial six months there will be a beauty period, where your check would come with an focus to request for an EZ Pass and your comment would be credited.

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