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DUBAI (CNNMoney) – For high-rolling drivers in a United Arab Emirates, no automobile is finish though a single-digit permit plate.

The oil-rich country’s rich chosen are peaceful to dump millions of dollars to get their hands on one.

Dubai skill developer Balwinder Sahni wanted a rarely desired image temperament a series 5. He wanted it so much, he bid 33 million dirhams ($9 million) for it during a supervision auction progressing this month.

It was one of a largest sums ever spent on a permit plate, nonetheless still reduce than a $14 million record set in 2008 by an Abu Dhabi businessman.

Sahni found that his large squeeze also brought him a lot of attention. He says he can’t go out in open though people interlude him and seeking to take a print — and some aren’t impressed, accusing him of wasting his money.

“It’s hard, people giving comments though meaningful a form of chairman we am,” Sahni told CNNMoney. He described himself as “a elementary man.”

The single-digit plates now accoutre dual of his 6 Rolls Royce cars. (He also has dual some-more of a oppulance vehicles on order.)

It’s also not a initial time Sahni has spent critical income on a permit plate. He cumulative a No. 9 image with a winning bid of 24.5 million dirhams ($6.7 million) during a supervision auction final year.

Since Dubai has no income tax, Sahni says he sees a large permit image purchases as his grant to a open coffers. He says he believes a income will go to benefaction and toward improving a city’s infrastructure.

“I trust in giving back,” he said. “This city has given me a lot.”

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority declined to criticism on how a deduction from a permit image auctions are spent. The management binds several a year. Bids can start in a millions of dirhams.

Private companies in a UAE are also perplexing to income in on a permit image business. A delegate marketplace where a some-more sought-after plates are traded has sprung up.

Abdulkerim Arsanov and his hermit set adult a website,, to couple sellers with buyers. The biggest understanding by their website so distant was for a two-digit image that sole for 2.7 million dirhams ($735,000).

“Number plates have turn some-more lush than a cars themselves,” Arsanov said.

The brothers started their business dual years ago after struggling to find ways to sell their possess collection of singular plates. Their website isn’t creation them any income yet, though Arsanov hopes to enhance it into markets over a UAE, like a U.K. and Russia. They devise to start charging for a services during a after stage.

The site customarily gets 500 to 800 visitors a day. though a auction where Sahni bid $9 million set off a call of new interest. More than 8,000 views caused a site to pile-up and forced a brothers to ascent their server.

And Sahni’s robe of spending large on permit plates could beget additional web trade for them in a future.

“I always like to give myself a benefaction each year,” he said. “When we work really hard, we need to benefaction yourself something.”

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