Learn How Smart Companies Use DNS to Boost Website Performance


It takes reduction than a second for visitors to form a initial sense of your website. If your site takes too prolonged to load, we might not get a second possibility to change that initial impression. Fortunately, we can streamline website trade and broach an well-developed user knowledge by simply regulating DNS Traffic Management.

DNS (Domain Name System) is some-more than a behind-the-scenes routing protocol. It’s a pivotal to smarter, faster web trade management. In a new whitepaper, The Utility of DNS Traffic Management, Neustar unlocks a tip behind DNS’ extraordinary “hidden” powers:

  • Measure real-time server opening from mixed geographic locations
  • Instantly and seamlessly route trade when a server goes down
  • Intelligently load-balance web trade opposite servers to safeguard high availability
  • Route trade to a closest accessible server with origin-based routing

It’s time to take a second demeanour during DNS. Download a giveaway whitepaper currently and learn how DNS trade government from Neustar can assistance we make a right initial impression, each time.