With SDL Web, China Airlines Doubles Web Traffic; Increases …

currently announced that heading tellurian atmosphere load code China
chose SDL
as a new web calm government height to energy a new
tellurian web ecosystem, including 12 websites opposite 11 different

As one of a tip 10 airlines in a world, with routes to 143
destinations in 29 countries and regions including Europe, Asia, Africa
and a U.S., China Airlines was struggling to say a unchanging web
participation opposite such a widespread patron base. With SDL Web, the
airline determined a new, centralized tellurian web calm management
(WCM) complement to expostulate tellurian online business, harmonize web content
government opposite many languages and yield personalized information
opposite mixed inclination and platforms.

With a SDL
Web Digital Experience Accelerator
, “It took only 16 weeks to launch
a China Airlines U.S. website,” pronounced Jenny Tsao, VP, Passenger
Marketing, China Airlines. “Following a launch, a volume of traffic
doubled, with acclimatisation rates augmenting by 90 percent.”

Just 4 months after a successful U.S. launch, Sapient and SDL
finished a full online launch of another 11 sites (12 in total),
including energetic web and mobile pages.

“We were looking for a plain and feature-rich calm management
height with a ability to support fit operations for a entire
general selling network,” pronounced Tsao. “SDL and Sapient delivered
a resources of aviation attention experience, a ability to support the
fast edition of calm opposite mixed denunciation sites and a
user-friendly interface to work with.”

Key facilities of China Airlines’ new SDL doing include:

  • Unified government of multi-language websites: Unified branding
    and support for coexisting calm edition opposite multiple
    denunciation sites including Indonesian, Vietnamese and Thai.
  • Consistency and flexibility: Modular calm government and
    component-based edition for softened calm and code consistency
    opposite channels, while also enabling coherence for internal marketers.
  • Empowered business users: Streamlined localization and website
    government processes to assistance business users create, tell and update
    calm eccentric of IT.
  • Mastering all channels and devices: A website pattern that takes
    user habits into account, relating their preferences with a consistent
    China Airlines cultured opposite channels. In addition, a homepage
    connects to Facebook, Weibo, WeChat, YouTube and Instagram to enable
    coexisting edition opposite all channels to prove travelers’
    information needs.

“In today’s global, digital business environment, it is vicious that
brands can simply say a unchanging participation in all relevant
markets,” pronounced Adolfo Hernandez, CEO, SDL. “SDL’s singular BluePrinting®
capabilities can pledge only that, by ensuring prolonged tenure content
peculiarity and coherence opposite languages, brands, inclination and channels.
We are vehement to continue operative with China Airlines to emanate the
best cross-channel practice for their customers.”

About China Airlines
China Airlines is Taiwan’s flagship
airline, as good as being one of a heading tellurian atmosphere load brands.
Established in 1959, China Airlines was a initial Taiwanese airline to
join a Fédération Aéronautique Internationale, and is one of a top
10 airlines in a universe with routes to 136 destinations in 28
countries and regions, including Europe, Asia, Africa and a U.S.

About SDL
SDL (LSE: SDL) is a personality in tellurian content
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