4 Ways to Future Proof Your WordPress Site

In an online universe with ever changing record and coding standards, presaging a destiny is tricky. Before we deposit your tough warranted income into your website build, holding a few mins to consider about destiny proofing your WordPress site will safeguard that:

  • Future customizations are easy to make
  • Existing trade is not lost
  • You save time ancillary and progressing your site
  • Avoid dear and time immoderate problems

Using a mobile optimized and widely renouned height is a initial step in destiny proofing your website. A condition over by a manageable WordPress theme.

Yet, this is not enough.

In this article, we’ll cover some best famous practices to assistance destiny explanation your WordPress website.

Use a Good Hosting Company and Practice Good Security

In this proclamation Google settled that site bucket time or website speed is now enclosed among a 200+ ranking factors. This means that website speed will have an critical outcome on how Google ranks your website in hunt engine formula pages (SERPs). With organic trade accounting for a infancy of web trade on some sites, we positively don’t wish to skip out on that kind of intensity traffic.

While a series of factors impact a bucket time of a website, regulating a good hosting height is maybe a many critical of all. A good hosting association should yield optimized collection for WordPress users. This is customarily a entertainment area for contrast themes and plugins before finally releasing it to a public.

Articles such as Speed adult Your WordPress Website and Separating a Good WordPress Hosts from a Bad will assistance we select a right horde that caters for portion clients regulating WordPress.

Practicing good confidence measures such as regulating clever passwords, not gripping backups in a public-accessible folder and frequently updating core WordPress, themes and plugins will also assistance we strengthen a firmness of your website.

Akismet , Wordfence Security and Sucuri are renouned and effective plugins for determining preventing spam and malware attacks.

Avoid Over-dependence as Much as Possible

Finding a ideal web pattern is tough and many websites iterate their site pattern by several tests e.g. A/B contrast to find a ideal web pattern that would optimally constraint leads and win some-more customers.

With many site owners resorting to freelance web designers or agencies, it’s critical that over faith is avoided.

Copies of formula changes should be made. Passwords and pivotal pattern changes should also be documented.

This creates it probable to make suitable changes in a destiny and equivocate being left in a cold, not meaningful or forgetful what was finished in a past.

This also relates to a use of themes and plugins. Consideration has to be finished when selecting thesis frameworks. Only renouned and well-supported themes and thesis frameworks should be used.

Also, all-in-one plugins should be used sparingly. This will safeguard that a website’s core functions are not damaged whenever modifications are being carried out on a plugin.

Use Plugins and Themes That Adhere to WordPress Development Best Practices and Also Provide Good Support

With WordPress constantly releasing improvements and bug fixes, it’s critical to safeguard that all commissioned plugins are concordant with a latest WordPress chronicle and belong to latest WordPress standards as settled in a WordPress Codex.

The latest WordPress chronicle creates checking this easier. When acid for new plugins or themes, a add-on is shown either it is concordant or not.

Updraft Plus - Showing harmony with WordPress

Using a non concordant or feeble grown plugin or thesis puts a confidence of your site and visitors during risk. Non concordant themes or plugins also advise a developer has potentially stopped regulating bugs or charity support.

Theme Check is a renouned plugin that helps exam your thesis and make certain it’s adult to scratch.

This article gives some additional ways to strengthen yourself from brute plugins.

Always Backup and Perform Maintenance on Your Site

While a good hosting association competence intermittently backup your website data. You should also do this yourself and keep a duplicate remotely (e.g not on a same live server). Doing this will assistance safeguard when tweaking your website, if we run into issues we can always revive from a new backup.

There are a good series of platforms and plugins (both paid and free) that do a good pursuit of subsidy adult your data. BackWPup and Updraft Plus are a integrate of renouned backup plugins.

If you, however, would like to backup your site manually, this article is a contingency read. You should also say your site, we’ve got a great beam on WordPress upkeep here.

Use a Child Theme

A child thesis is a thesis that inherits a functionality of a primogenitor theme. When we make changes to a child theme, it overrides a defaults from a primogenitor thesis but touching or violation files in a primogenitor theme. This allows we to refurbish your primogenitor thesis but a risk of violation your child theme, gripping customizations in tact.

Most thesis frameworks yield instructions on how to emanate a child thesis on their support page.

Adopting a use of a child thesis helps saves time when tweaking or creation A/B tests on your website.

You can find simple, step-by-step solutions to creating your child thesis here.


There we have it. Future proofing your website isn’t an easy task, however a advantages in a prolonged run are value a effort.

What are your tips and techniques for destiny proofing your WordPress websites? Please let us know in a comments below.