The website is not what you’d think

Jeremy Peter Green says he bought for $7.30 in 2011 and recently sole a domain to a Trump debate for $15,000, which is now regulating a site to goblin Hillary Clinton and her using mate, Tim Kaine.

At a bottom of a website, that is filled with disastrous headlines about a Democratic ticket, is a note: “Paid for by Donald J. Trump for President, Inc.” A Politico reporter remarkable a apparent Trump takeover of a domain Monday morning.

“CLINTON: SANDERS SUPPORTERS LIVE IN PARENTS BASEMENT” reads a tip story, with a couple to a Politico item.

As of Monday morning, all of a other links on a page went behind to reports posted on the Republican National Committee’s investigate page.

Ironically, Green, a 28-year-old attorney, says he is indeed a Clinton believer who skeleton to proffer for her on choosing day as a authorised check observer.

So how does he feel about a fact that a domain he once used is now aggressive a claimant he supports?

“I am indeed fine with it. By a time Trump got his hands on a domain, it was removing usually 50 visitors a day. Definitely not a $15,000 domain! I’m really happy to have Trump’s money,” Green told USA TODAY in an email.

“I bought it since we knew that if Clinton-Kaine finished adult being a 2016 ticket, we would be means to use a web trade have some fun with domain, and eventually sell it. we sole a domain since we wanted money,” Green said. He had creatively offering a domain to a Clinton debate for $15,000 yet pronounced he as peaceful to go as low as $10,000 — they wouldn’t bite.

“Clinton’s debate pronounced they couldn’t means anywhere nearby that though, claiming not to have a discretionary bill for this arrange of thing, and offering me $2,000. They thanked me for entrance to them initial though,” Green said. So he used a attorney to find a buyer, and it turns out it was a Trump campaign.

With what he described as a “windfall” of money from a sell, Green has been means to quit his pursuit as a supervision executive and concentration on a solo authorised use and do some pro bono work.

Green also bought and