Target Has a New Website Just for Startups

Target is looking for startups to assistance urge a patron experience. And to make it easier on everyone, a big-box tradesman has launched a new website.

The Startups-Target website is where early-stage companies meddlesome in using commander programs by Target


can now go to contention pitches. Under a “Pitch to Pilot” territory is a submission form that takes about 15 mins to complete, and field will accept a response within 30 days. Target is quite meddlesome in tech platforms that could assistance urge guests’ sell experiences, according to a website.

The module is not dictated for companies to block products that competence sell good in Target’s stores or online, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune reports. It’s some-more to streamline a communication and partnership between Target and startups.

Target also hopes a open invitation for partnership will raise both a e-commerce plan and tie to consumers, according to the Star-Tribune, as it works toward apropos an e-commerce innovator.

The module comes after a retailer’s three-month accelerator partnership with Techstars, where 11 startups worked on all from information analytics to anticipating “new ways to confederate digital and in-store practice startups shaped partnerships with a retailer.” Target skeleton to horde during slightest dual some-more groups of startups by this module in a entrance years, according to a Star-Tribune.

Although innovative, Target isn’t a usually tradesman to enroll a assistance of tech startups: Last year, Amazon


debuted “Amazon Launchpad”—a territory within a online tradesman that helps business find products that were done by startups. Amazon has also teamed adult with Product Hunt, an online leaderboard for tech products, to assistance business find a best or newest gadgets accessible on LaunchPad.

Since 50% of Amazon mobile shoppers hunt for a product around a retailer’s site or app, bringing new record to Target’s business by a app or website could assistance it lessen waste in web trade to Amazon, Business Insider reports.

Target’s pull for creation might already be profitable off: a tradesman spent $1 billion in 2015 to build adult a e-commerce section and saw 31% digital sales growth for a year.


Fortune has reached out to Target for criticism and will refurbish a story if we accept a response.