The Arkalight is an honest-to-god trade light we can control from your browser

Technology companies are famous for their unusual office furniture. Probably a best instance is Google, whose workplaces are ornate with sleeping pods, bean bags, and slides. Mind Candy’s beautiful London HQ looks like a fairytale forest, and AutoTrader has transformed a Volkswagen camper outpost into a assembly space.

New England information scholarship consultancy Arkatechture has a possess quirky bureau installment, called a Arkalight.

Do business with 5,000 people

Momentum by TNW is a New York record eventuality for anyone meddlesome in assisting their association grow.

This is a trade light tranquil by a Raspberry Pi, and bending adult to a publicly permitted website. Anyone can revisit this and get it to flash. Just press ‘r’ for red, ‘y’ for yellow, and ‘g’ for green. You can see it peep in real-time around a Nest cam.

The trade light used in this project wasn’t cobbled together by a developers. It’s a genuine deal, and once guided real-life cars. Where one finds a trade light is over me, nonetheless Arkatechture is eager to highlight that if we confirm to emanate your own, we shouldn’t take one from an intersection.

The newness of creation a light peep in an bureau 4000 miles divided has nonetheless to wear off. If we wish to play around with it, we can do so here.

Office Intelligence: The Arkalight
on Arkatechture

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