8 Questions to Ask Before Redesigning Your Website

If your website isn’t gaining traffic, actively enchanting customers, or targeting a right personas, it competence be time for a redesign. This is quite loyal if your site’s been online for some-more than a year and isn’t updated frequently. It’s critical to stay applicable — zero screams “behind a times” like an old-fashioned front-end website — though redesigns can be time-intensive and costly, even if we know accurately what you’re doing.

Should we Redesign My Website?

Here are 8 questions to ask yourself before we launch into a website redesign.

When Was a Last Time we Updated My Website?

This is a outrageous indicator of a time you’ll need to persevere to a redesign. If your website hasn’t been updated in over a year, chances are you’ll be spending some critical time on calm alone. The some-more old-fashioned your website, a reduction you’ll uncover adult in hunt results; that means reduced traffic, reduced exposure, reduced revenue. On a other hand, if you’re flattering committed about calm updates, you’re looking during a shorter timeline clinging to pattern and optimization.

What’s Wrong With My Current Website?

Old layouts, images, calm and resources immediately date your website in a eyes of a visitor. A bad hyperlink or a damaged design can spin a prohibited lead green in seconds, and old-fashioned business info means difficulty for business and difficulty for you. Make a list of all a problems with your site, afterwards start drafting adult solutions.

How Much Do we Hope to Accomplish?

Are we looking to revamp or rebrand? State what you’d like to grasp and be magnanimous with your estimates. If we have a transparent plan in mind from a get-go, you’ll benefit distant some-more from a work we put in. A elementary calm revamp might take hours or days, while a full rebrand could take weeks or months.

What Do we Like About Other Websites?

Compare your site to those of your competitors. Do they have a some-more complicated design? A wider array of features? Simpler hit forms? You can even revisit a most renouned websites of any attention and see what they’re doing differently. What can we take and adjust from these sites to fit your brand?

What is My Overall Business Goal?

Are we looking to modify leads faster? Increase trade or purchases? Draw visitors to your earthy store? It’s doubtful you’ll be means to grasp all of those though seeking out some additional help, so brand your biggest priority and do all we can to govern on that. There are copiousness of giveaway online resources that can assistance we improve your site’s SEO, that is where any businessman should start.

Have My Offerings Changed?

We’ve lonesome this a little, though it warrants repeating. If your product or use has altered at all, we contingency residence that on your website. This is an apparent care for eCommerce sites, though section and mortars mostly blink their customers’ expectations. Web visitors wish their online knowledge to interpret into their in-store knowledge — and if products or services are skewed online, you’re environment yourself adult to remove business.

Can we Analyze My Website’s Success?

Most web builders offer built-in analytics or integrations. This information isn’t only critical to online retailers. It can assistance tiny businesses pinpoint what calm is sketch trade and where visitors are descending off most. Those insights are pivotal to not only your redesign, though your business as a whole. Visitor demographics paint a genuine design of a online village that we can’t see clearly offline. Examine your information and make certain it lends to each preference we make.

Most Importantly … Is My Site Mobile Friendly?

People design websites to perform only as good on their smartphones as they do on their desktops. Sites that aren’t mobile-optimized are seeking for annihilation these days. They hoop poorly, bucket slowly, and demeanour awful on many screens. Developing a clean, user-forward, mobile-friendly site should be your arch priority if you’re environment out to redesign anyway.

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