My Favorite Complaints About a New Dallas Morning News Website

Firstly, yes, we live in a potion house. I’m a editor of, and we ourselves recently launched a new chronicle of a own site that continues to have flaws and bugs that we’re operative to correct. Websites are never indeed “finished.”

But we couldn’t assistance holding pleasure in a comments that a Dallas Morning News has perceived about its relaunched Digital readers are a fussy bunch, and if we make changes that force them to refurbish their bookmarks or click some-more mostly than they used to in sequence to find a story, they’re going to denote their displeasure, some in some-more colorful denunciation than others:

screen-shot-2016-09-28-at-10-20-00-am screen-shot-2016-09-28-at-10-19-31-am screen-shot-2016-09-28-at-10-18-43-am

That initial commenter hits on my possess biggest critique of a new look, that has been publicly permitted for roughly 3 months now, though that a newspaper multiplatform content-generation placement network usually strictly expelled this week.

You’ve substantially listened that readers using mobile inclination have been accounting for an augmenting share of all online trade over a final several years. For, mobile accounts for a small bit some-more half of a trade during this point, and we wouldn’t be astounded if a share is even larger for a site like, that produces many some-more timely violation news any day than do we.

Anyway, a significance of mobile is since you’ve seen so many websites (including pierce to what’s termed “responsive design,” where a story’s display is resized or altered somewhat depending on either a user is on a desktop, phone, or tablet.

What we see now on is an instance of an overreaction to a needs of mobile. They’re frequency a usually site to take this approach, though they’ve radically done a distributed preference to let calm demeanour worse on desktop browsers in a interests of carrying it demeanour many improved on a mobile device.

So we get each story blown adult with hulk photos that run opposite a entirety of your screen, no matter a peculiarity of a image. The outcome is absurdities like this, as our possess Zac Crain has forked out previously:


Or this:

Dallas News screenshot dice

Look, we have had to chuck general batch photography onto articles copiousness of times myself. we feel for a contributor or writer who, sealed in by a photo-centric final of a site’s redesign, was unfortunate for any design during all with that to illustrate this news. But when we finish adult trivializing a story about gun assault with a comically vast print of dual dice, aren’t we doing some-more repairs than good to your reputation?

Thing is, conjunction of those stories and their pics demeanour scarcely so bad on mobile, since a image, and a image’s distance relations to a text, is many smaller. It works OK. All a indicators we have (and I’m certain a Morning News has) denote that readers are distant some-more expected to click on headlines accompanied by cinema than those without, generally when common around amicable media.

However, serving those needs in this one-size-fits-all style means giving your desktop/laptop readers a many crappier experience. Maybe is pulling something like 80+% mobile traffic, so they don’t feel they have to caring about that other 20%?

Anyway, a pleasing thing about “the cyber” is that we could be proven passed wrong in doubt this decision. Every revisit will be tracked. Pageviews and time-on-site and amicable pity and ad impressions will go adult or go down, and a Morning News will know either a changes worked. They don’t have to guess. They’ll have a data. Maybe they’ll make adjustments. Or maybe they’re right.

There’s one thing they can’t presumably be right about though: that new trademark is awful.

Oh, and we wish that the Gannett sale doesn’t happen. Gannett papers have a worst, many aggravatingly delayed and cart websites around. is a dream by comparison.