Grassroots debate protests video speed enforcement

Village authorities — including a encampment bureau — and a few businesses have perceived letters from what’s famous as New Rome Sucks, that has a website and Facebook page.

“We got one in a mail to a military department,” Chief Gary Lyons said. “The lapse residence was”

Aside from a letters, a arch pronounced there has been zero posted in Monroeville.

“It’s a organisation or particular that doesn’t like video enforcement,” Lyons pronounced about New Rome Sucks. “They to get their antithesis (distributed) by amicable media.”


On a New Rome Sucks website (aka “Traffic Trap Central”), it declares “it’s been over a decade given New Rome, Ohio was dissolved irrevocably into Franklin County’s Prairie Township.”

Lyons, who difficult a website, explained that in 2004, a organisation or chairman takes credit for shutting down a New Rome Police Department, that usually monitored trade on “a tiny widen of U.S. 40.”

“It seems like they kinda take credit for that,” he added. “They (police) were usually there to work traffic. … They didn’t respond to any calls.”

According to a website, New Rome Sucks has returned because “the work isn’t done.” It also lists issues about “photo enforcement” in Columbus, Cleveland and Toledo as good as “why print coercion should be abolished.” 

“From tiny villages to large cities, there continues to be a need to prominence trade traps opposite Ohio. Technology and new legislation has difficult a personification field,” according to a site. 

In response to a letters to a village, Lyons released a matter that explains what OPTO is. 

“The speed coercion system was implemented to concede larger control of car speeds via a village. If a car is imaged for a speed defilement and subsequently a notice of guilt is sent to a car owner, there are transparent and obvious instructions for profitable a volume due or filing an interest for intent to the notice of liability,” he wrote.

“The encampment of Monroeville Police Department operates a OPTO Speed Enforcement System in despotic correspondence with all Ohio principle and laws. Our idea in utilizing this speed coercion complement is to urge reserve for a motoring public, pedestrians, businesses and adults in a village,” Lyons combined in his statement.

OPTO has been in place in Monroeville given Jan. 11.

Lyons told a Reflector that a “notice of liability” is a word that OPTO attorneys came adult with for a request sent to car owners. 

“It’s a polite action; it’s not a rapist action,” he said.

At first, residents insincere a OPTO complement was set adult in one place in a encampment and wanted to know where it was.

“It’s in a cruiser; it’s a hand-held device,” Lyons said. “Because we get so most trade on (U.S.) 20, we get a lot of out-of-the-area traffic.”

Similar to a radar gun, a device takes a print of a speeding vehicle. On a shade is a picture, a speed and a stretch a officer was from a car during a time it was clocked.

“At a finish of it, we have a choice of usurpation it (the information) or rejecting it,” Lyons said, observant that officers also have a option of still creation a trade stop and arising a warning or citation.

Once Lyons answered questions about a complement and there was a successive preparation period, he pronounced there haven’t been any other protests or problems. 

If we have questions about OPTO, call Monroeville Police Chief Gary Lyons during 419-465-2474.