Salt Lake military officer in critical condition after being struck during trade stop

SALT LAKE CITY — A Salt Lake military sergeant was upgraded from critical condition after being strike by a automobile Monday night, authorities said.

Around 7:30 p.m., a masculine sergeant was northbound on his motorcycle, attempting to lift over a motorist on 1100 South during Main Street when a westbound Toyota Corolla struck him, pronounced Salt Lake Police Lt. Martin Kaufmann.

The sergeant was primarily in critical condition when he was taken to a hospital, yet his injuries were not deliberate life-threatening, Kaufmann said. He was after upgraded to good condition.

Witness Steve Grizzell pronounced he incited around and saw a sergeant on a belligerent after conference a crash.

“There was only this shrill — roughly like an explosion, only a large sound,” he said.

Grizzell combined that he listened a sergeant tell another officer that his leg was “probably broken.”

The motorist of a Corolla was not injured. The motorist of a car that a sergeant was perplexing to lift over left a scene, yet it wasn’t transparent either that chairman knew they were being pulled over, according to Kaufmann.

A reference opposite a motorist of a Corolla is possible, Kaufmann said, yet no conclusions were reached Monday night. The review was incited over to a Utah Highway Patrol.