The Step-by-Step Guide to Launching Your First Remarketing Campaign

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Thinking of starting your initial remarketing campaign?

Calling that a good thought would be an understatement. Google Display Network is one of a many absolute promotion collection out there, reaching 90% of tellurian internet users.

And remarketing ads are impossibly effective. In fact, website visitors who are retargeted with arrangement ads are 70% some-more expected to modify on your website.

The best news? You don’t have to reinvent a PPC circle to get started.

Here is a step-by-step beam to rising your initial remarketing debate today.

Step 1: Install Your Remarketing Code

Before we can aim ads to people who’ve visited your website, you’ll need to implement a AdWords remarketing tag on your site.

If we already have a Google Analytics tag, you’re good to go. Otherwise follow these instructions:

In AdWords, click “Shared Library:”



Then underneath “Audiences,” click “View.”



Next, underneath “Website visitors,” click “Set adult remarketing” and follow a instructions.

Then click “Tag details,” “Setup,” and “View AdWords add-on for websites.”

Here we should find a duplicate of a remarketing add-on formula that we can duplicate and pulp into a footer of your website. If we work with a web developer, email it to them.

Once a formula is set adult on your website, go behind to a Audiences add-on in AdWords. Here we can endorse that a add-on is operative properly.

Step 2: Create Your Audience

Now we can code that assembly to aim for your initial remarketing campaign.

In a Audiences tab, click “+Remarketing List.” Now we can start to emanate a list formed on specific criteria.



In this step, we could make usually one list targeting all your website visitors, though we don’t suggest that approach. If we emanate lists formed on a specific pages of your website people visited, we can aim those visitors with a many applicable ads.

For example, we could aim people who visited a page about your arriving convention though didn’t pointer adult for a event. Your remarketing ads can afterwards be privately about compelling a seminar.

You can target:

  • Visitors of a page
  • Visitors of a page who didn’t revisit another page
  • Visitors of a page who also visited another page
  • Visitors of a page during specific dates
  • Visitors of a page with a specific tag
  • A tradition combination

Before we start formulating your lists, keep in mind that there’s a web trade smallest to validate for a remarketing campaign. Your list contingency embody at slightest 100 site visitors within a final 30 days.

Make certain your aim assembly isn’t too tiny by holding a demeanour during your web trade in Google Analytics.

Select a kinds of visitors to supplement to your list, and afterwards enter a analogous URLs of a pages they visited and a page they didn’t visit.

Step 3: Set Your Cookie Period

Next, you’ll confirm how prolonged visitors will stay in your remarketing debate (how prolonged they’ll see your ads) by selecting your cookie period.

The default is 30 days, though we can extend it adult to 540 days for a Display Network.



How prolonged we should keep people in your remarketing debate will change formed on a goals of your announcement and on what kind of good or services we provide.

For example, we wouldn’t wish to continue remarketing to people who visited your convention page after a convention is over.

Other than relevancy considerations, another cause acclimatisation a length of a debate is how prolonged your conversion funnel is. If we sell high-value goods, we suggest selecting a high series of days, as these squeeze decisions take time.

If you’re operative with a shorter acclimatisation flue (e.g. a wardrobe retailer), a shorter cookie duration could be all we need.

Step 4: Set Up an AdWords Remarketing Campaign

Now you’re prepared to start your initial campaign.

From “All Campaigns” in AdWords, click “+Campaign” and name “Display Network only.”



Next, we can name your campaign. Then name “No selling objective,” and “all features.”

Now, usually like your unchanging AdWords PPC campaigns, we can name a daily budget, ad schedules, and ad locations.

I suggest expanding a “Ad Delivery” choice in modernized settings to set a magnitude cap. Set a extent to a number of impressions per day for your ad groups so we don’t overdo it.

Apply your preferred settings, afterwards click Save. On a subsequent screen, you’ll be stirred to emanate an Ad Group.

Step 5: Choose or Create Ads

If we want, we can name ads from your existent AdWords campaigns to use for remarketing. But if we were you, we would take advantage of your audience’s laxity with your business to emanate remarketing ads that are even some-more relevant.

If you’re formulating your possess ads, compensate courtesy to a image requirements while we make them. Then simply upload your ads to Adwords.

If we need some assistance formulating ads, take advantage of Google’s Display Ad Builder.


Ad Builder will indicate a page on your website and beget ads for you. You can also revise these suggestions by adding your images, adding text, and changing a colors.

Step 6: Start Testing

Once your remarketing debate is launched, it’s time to start optimizing to get a many return on investment.

Here are some areas to compensate courtesy to:

Your Ads

Test your remarketing ads a same approach we exam any other arrangement or hunt ad. Start experimenting with opposite calls to action, images, and other ad elements.

Also keep your assembly in mind. These people already know a bit about your brand. How can we precedence that to urge your ad targeting?

Custom Combinations

When formulating your remarketing list, we have a choice to emanate tradition combinations of seductiveness categories with site behavior.

Some combinations are some-more applicable and effective than others. Experiment with opposite combinations to see that is a many effective for your campaigns.

Landing Page

If someone clicks your remarketing ad, is it holding them to a applicable alighting page?

These people have already visited your website before, so your landing page needs to be optimized for this specific audience.



If your messaging is surplus or irrelevant, it can severely mistreat your debate success.

Test and make changes with this calm to improved bond with prior visitors.

Cookie Lengths

Maybe you’re not remarketing prolonged adequate to expostulate conversions with your campaign. Or maybe you’re wasting resources remarketing to prospects longer than we should.

The usually approach to find out is by contrast your cookie length.


One of a biggest fears of AdWords remarketers is creeping people out by radically following them around a internet with ads.

It is loyal that some people competence notice you’re remarketing to them on opposite platforms, and they competence not like it. This is many expected to occur when we have no magnitude cap, a tiny audience, and 100% sense share.

On a other hand, tying your ad bearing too many could move disastrous results.

Pay courtesy to your impressions and adjust your magnitude top to optimize your bids.

Use your insights from contrast to emanate some-more effective remarketing campaigns for other aim audiences.

What Next?

Launching your remarketing campaign is usually a beginning. Here are a few modernized tips and tricks to get a many out of AdWords remarketing.

Create More Lists

Start meditative of some-more ways we can shred your website visitors to rise some-more remarketing lists, such as:

Then we can examination with opposite messaging and offers applicable to these groups.

Narrow Your Demographic Target

Especially if you’re budget-conscious, it’s a good thought to slight your aim assembly to a demographics that are many expected to convert.

Incorporate demographic targeting, such as age and gender, into your remarketing. Head over to a Display Network add-on and click “+targeting” to set this up.

Schedule Your Ads

You can control what hours of a day or even days of a week your ads display. Optimize your ad scheduling for when your aim assembly is watchful and online.

Narrow Your Site and Device Impressions

As we guard your campaign, you’ll substantially find certain categories of sites don’t modify good for you. Improve your targeting and conversions by shortening your bid or expelling these from your campaigns.

Head over to Conversion Tracking to see your ad performance.

The same goes for devices: if your aim assembly mostly translates on mobile, we can revoke your bid on desktop to urge ROI.

Just go to a debate add-on in AdWords, afterwards click “All conversions.”



Here we can see conversions opposite devices.

Grow Your Web Traffic

As mentioned earlier, there’s a web trade smallest for each remarketing list we make. So a some-more website visitors we have, a some-more targeted lists we can make.

Adopt a long-term plan to boost your web traffic, and emanate some-more applicable and effective remarketing campaigns as a result.

With this step-by-step guide, removing started on your initial remarketing debate is usually a few clicks away. Why wait?

Know any tips or tricks to urge remarketing campaigns? Comment below.

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