English No Longer Required for New York City Cab Drivers

Taxi drivers in New York City, a mostly newcomer community, are no longer compulsory to know English.

A check authorized by a City Council in April, that went into outcome Friday, allows cab permit tests to be administered in unfamiliar languages.

New York City’s cab attention has been dominated by foreign-born drivers for decades – usually 4 percent of stream New York cab drivers were innate in a U.S., according to a Taxi and Limousine Commission.

Some New York residents are endangered that a new law would make communication between a motorist and a patron even some-more difficult, uncertain how they would indoctrinate a motorist that track to take or scrutinise about precisely where they are headed.

But increasing use of GPS and navigation apps has been found to diminution a volume of required communication between drivers and their riders.

Sponsors of a check in a City Council argued that a law will concede for some-more immigrants in need of work to means themselves, and many New Yorkers feel that as prolonged as their motorist can get them to their end safely, review is not needed.