How Pokémon Go can assistance beget SEO and feet traffic


Pokémon Go is all a rage right now, and it’s distinct anything we have seen in a gaming world. It is carrying a vital impact on internal businesses as well. The diversion has users, both kids and adults, walking everywhere trying to catch Pokémon. And those users are finale adult circuitously internal businesses!

A recent article published on Huffington Post tells a story of a internal business, Mad Hatter’s Ice Cream, that was struggling though has seen an boost in business given Pokémon Go was released. In a game, there are PokéStops and Gyms where users rally to locate and conflict Pokémon, and Mad Hatter’s Ice Cream was located in close vicinity to a series of these PokéStops. Naturally, they drew in feet trade as a result. The business owners even remarkable that a emporium has seen a business double and even triple on some nights.

So, how can we constraint this feet trade and even hunt trade around Pokémon Go? Here are some ideas.

Based on your location, we can investigate what PokéStops and Gyms are near your business and total a information. Here is what a PokéStops demeanour like within a game.

Pokemon Go SEO


Here is what a Gym looks like in a game.

Pokemon Go Gym SEO


Usually, PokéStops and Gyms are during a following forms of places:

  • Libraries and other open buildings
  • Places of ceremony (churches, synagogues, mosques and so on)
  • Parks
  • Museums
  • Art, statues, singular architecture (landmarks)
  • Historic locations
  • Hidden gems and hyper-local spots

Once you’ve researched a PokéStops nearest to your business, we can total this information in a blog post on your website — keyword-targeted to your business location (e.g., “PokéStops and Gyms in Forest Hills, NY”).

When we conducted a Google hunt for a word above, we did not get any applicable or specific formula for this location — mostly only general answers. See a opportunity? And if we have mixed business locations, there is a lot of opportunity.

Pokemon Go Local Search Marketing

By researching and building this content, you’re assembly a needs of a internal users who wish to simply learn where the PokéStops and Gyms are in their area. This can also lead to other sites joining to you, that will assistance beget aloft domain management and mention traffic. You will position your site to get additional hunt trade and assistance serve build your domain authority, that is good for SEO.

The blog post calm should be well-written and embody images and as most fact as probable (such as addresses, circuitously landmarks and so in). You might also wish to embody a Google Maps embed. The indicate is to yield peculiarity calm so users finish adult carrying a good knowledge and share and couple to a page. Be certain to precedence amicable pity buttons on a page as well.

Once you’ve reliable there are PokéStops and Gyms circuitously your business, a good approach to expostulate business is to have special offers for Pokémon Go players. Offer them a bonus on certain products or services; a discounts can also only be on a delayed business days. Promote your offer by displaying a pointer during a front of your business, afterwards mention it on your website, amicable profiles, Yelp and other internal hunt profiles. Here are some pointer examples of businesses who are leveraging Pokémon Go to get business in a door.






Some business have finished artistic things such as a following:

  • Create a product that appeals to Pokémon Go players, such as a bakery creation Pokémon-themed pastries or a bar making Pokémon-themed drinks.
  • Create an Event for Pokémon Go players and precedence a Lure that attracts Pokémon to a location. Leverage a Events underline on your Facebook profile.
  • Give discounts formed on the Pokémon Go player’s level or team.
  • Provide giveaway dungeon phone charging for Pokémon Go players.

Can my business turn a PokéStop or Gym?

Some businesses got lucky, as they finished adult being (close to) a PokéStop. Unfortunately, this is not something we can control during a moment.

However, diversion developer Niantic’s CEO, John Hanke, has said that sponsored locations are forthcoming in a United States. (The Japan recover of a diversion saw a sponsored plcae understanding with McDonald’s.) So, if you’re not advantageous adequate to be located circuitously a PokéStop or Gym, be on a surveillance for a event to turn a sponsored plcae in a future.

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