5 Attributes of a Good Government Website (Industry Perspective)

It’s no tip that in-person processes are increasingly relocating to online environments, from financial exchange to formulation and engagement travel. And supervision services are following suit. Instead of visiting a city gymnasium or county or state agency, voters can now request for health insurance, perspective legislative sessions and compensate parking tickets all from their personal devices.

Effective supervision websites offer softened service, larger clarity and revoke costs to softened support individuals, communities and businesses. And interjection to these some-more effective websites, agencies with timorous budgets needn’t allot profitable staff and time to processes that can be some-more good and conveniently carried out online.

A consult conducted by a Center for Digital Government (CDG) specifically for Akamai Technologies indicated that in 2015, tip priorities in a entrance year for IT professionals in state and internal supervision enclosed augmenting a series of online services to businesses and adults and improving mobile access. Despite supervision officials realizing a value of Web access, however, many are struggling to accommodate these goals, citing security, bad user knowledge and miss of personalization as their tip challenges.

But as Government Technology will try as it digs into a 2016 Best of a Web survey, a formula of that will be expelled Sept. 1, some agencies are removing it right. Here are a 5 attributes these websites approaching have in common:

1. It’s Responsive

Agencies contingency broach a certain user experience, notwithstanding carrying small control over users’ device types, browsers or mobile connections. Having a format that is straightforwardly permitted for mobile browsers is pivotal as some-more people than ever are regulating mobile devices. In a 2015 survey by Pew Research Center, 40 percent of respondents reported regulating a smartphone to demeanour adult supervision services or information (a series that approaching is increasing).

Mobile-friendly websites not usually assistance residence issues of digital equity, they also yield new ways for supervision to offer citizens, such as travelers renting campsites or commuters looking adult information about trade jams. Performance optimization collection can assistance agencies broach calm in a format that is simply entertaining by a user’s device. For instance, states like Alabama, California, Maine, North Carolina and Rhode Island are utilizing manageable Web pattern (RWD) so that users can simply perspective calm on scarcely any screen.

2. It’s Reliable

No matter how good applications residence a need or how good a calm is, nothing of that is applicable if users are incompetent to entrance a Web page or fast bucket content. Unreliable, delayed Web use leaves users undone and approaching to desert online services, generally as consumers have come to pattern well-developed use among e-commerce sites. In fact, almost half of e-commerce customers pattern a Web page to bucket within dual seconds. To accommodate consumer expectations, supervision organizations contingency yield this same turn of service, that can be achieved by charity rarely accessible connectors regardless of user location; coherence (i.e., scalability) to accommodate pointy fluctuations in trade volume (e.g., choosing season); and fast page loads (as a duty of network routing and bandwidth).

3. It’s Secure

Cybersecurity is top-of-mind opposite both a open and private sectors, interjection to headlines that denote a repairs that can start when confidence measures are deficient or wrongly implemented. A hack on a Virginia Prescription Monitoring Program in 2009 caused 8 million studious annals to be deleted. Back in 2013, a Washington State justice complement website was breached, potentially exposing adult to 160,000 Social Security numbers and 1 million driver’s permit numbers. In 2015, a U.S. Office of Personnel Management was hacked, and cybersecurity struggles were still apparent one year later. Though a onslaught is not new, it is apropos some-more prevalent.

But with a right confidence mechanisms in place, state and internal governments can lessen a hazard of attacks like these. Agencies contingency incorporate mixed layers of confidence in their portals in sequence to say secure, arguable Web services and offer a accumulation of online services, from exchanging trusted personal annals to usurpation or distributing payments.

4. It’s Consistent

Today’s adults pattern entrance to supervision services 24/7 and from any device. When it comes to websites, a unchanging demeanour and feel comprised of visible design, functionality, altogether tinge of voice and interactions is indispensable to assembly user needs. The aforementioned CDG survey, however, found that scarcely 70 percent of respondents pronounced a unchanging user knowledge opposite mixed inclination and locations is an unmet need.

Some agencies have an ad hoc proceed to Web applications and user interfaces. But a uniform website helps users commend legitimate supervision websites, diminishes a communication training curve, and can go a prolonged approach toward building trust and moulding open opinion. To safeguard that business are removing a many out of their supervision website experience, agencies also need to offer a accumulation of impending applications that can accommodate particular user traits including location, device and personal preferences.

5. It’s in a Cloud

Many state and internal governments do not have a technology, staffing and other resources compulsory to settle an effective and arguable website. As such, they have found that cloud-based applications and services go a prolonged approach toward assembly these needs.

In final year’s CDG survey, scarcely 60 percent of respondents pronounced that in 2016, they approaching to boost their use of cloud-delivered Web applications. Important drivers for cloud-delivered Web options embody cost savings; IT infrastructure challenges; and softened security, speed, opening and scalability. By contracting a cloud-based calm smoothness network, agencies do not have to deposit in or say a infrastructure, hardware and bandwidth compulsory to broach website services. Cloud-based services use a Internet to broach specific IT capabilities as needed. This indication is quite critical when a supervision site offers services that frequently vacillate in direct or devour a vast volume of bandwidth.

Vibrant websites offer state and internal governments opportunities to yield citizens, workers and businesses innovative services that streamline operations, revoke costs and eventually softened offer communities. But confidence concerns and bad user experience, stymied by budget, staffing and record limitations, have prevented some agencies from realizing a full intensity of website services. Agencies contingency take a required stairs to clear a digital doorway so that adults can take advantage of a clearly vast opportunities afforded by supervision websites.