Audis will be means to speak to trade lights this year

Audi announced today that a 2017 vehicles will be accessible with vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) communication record that enables them to surprise drivers when lights will switch from red to green.

Audi of America will start to hurl out a trade light information underline as partial of a apartment of Audi bond PRIME services after this tumble in name intelligent cities and in civil areas opposite a nation by 2017. The association pronounced trade light information complement is usually a initial step in V2I integration.

v2i v2vDOT

For some-more than a decade, a DOT has been researching a intensity advantages of connected car technology, that allows vehicles to promulgate with any other, alley infrastructure, trade government centers, and consumer mobile devices.

Using Wi-Fi connectivity, that Audi began charity in vehicles this year, a couple between car and infrastructure is routed around a on-board LTE information tie and afterwards by servers owned by Beaverton, Ore.-based Traffic Technology Services Inc.

While watchful during a connected trade light, a motorist information complement in a instrument cluster, as good as in heads-up-display versed vehicles, indicates a time remaining until a vigilance changes to green.