9 Investigates: Sex-crime victim’s name found on Clerk of Court website

Updated: Aug 12, 2016 – 6:01 PM


ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – An Orange County lady who was intimately abused as a child called 9 Investigates after she pronounced she was victimized again, due to what she considers a opening in a justice system.

The lady detected her name was trustworthy to her abuser’s injunction, that anyone could hunt online. 

Investigative Reporter Karla Ray got a record private from a Orange County Clerk of Courts’ website, but found out there could be identical cases.

A review with friends about trade tickets stirred a name hunt on a Orange County Clerk of Courts’ website, where a victim discovered a box that she had worked a decade to pierce past.

“It felt like it was function all over again,” a lady told Eyewitness News.

Next to ‘Civil Traffic Infractions’ on a website was a family-court filing for an claim opposite a woman’s stepfather for domestic assault opposite children. 

That man’s name has a analogous rapist box for passionate activity with a child, that was filed in a same week.

“Just when we consider it’s over, it’s like one some-more thing perplexing to pull me down and remind me of what happened when we was a kid.  It’s devastating,” a lady told Eyewitness News.

The 26-year-old was told she’d have to record a justice suit to sign a record in sequence to have it private from a website.  That’s when she called 9 Investigates.

“We saw it was a supportive box and we know they were concerned. So that’s because we sealed it down,” Clerk of Courts Office representative Dain Weister said.

9 Investigates pronounced during a summer of 2015, state law began requiring justice papers be placed online.  The pierce done annals in Orange County simply accessible.

“We were only following a state principle formed on a Florida Supreme Court that these cases be placed online,” Weister said.

Under Florida law, a identities of sex-crime and child-abuse victims are redacted from open record, definition a woman’s name was stable from appearing in a criminal-case records, though not a polite injunction.

“I would like a law to change so that no plant could ever be tied to an abuser’s name on any case, polite or criminal,” she said.

Weister said relating adult all cases like hers would be scarcely impossible, definition there could be other victims’ names online who are unaware.

“Certainly, that’s something that presumably should be looked at,” Weister said.

Anyone who finds their name trustworthy to a record on a Clerk of Courts website that they feel should be private due to attraction can call 407-836-2000.