5 tips for enhancing your peculiarity of website traffic

When it comes to website traffic, it seems like everybody is focused on a numbers. People will speak forever about a series of singular visitors they attract any month, though there’s one thing you’ll usually hear a name few people discuss: peculiarity of website traffic. But notwithstanding a fact that peculiarity doesn’t get as many courtesy as quantity, a existence is that a former is exponentially some-more profitable than a latter.

The website trade fallacy

Traffic volume matters, though it’s been overemphasized for years. After all, what does website trade tell you? It says that we possibly have an glorious SEO plan in place, or you’re proficient during generating trade from a specific source. Both are good things, though don’t tell we anything about a peculiarity of a trade entrance in and how many lapse you’re generating from any visitor.

In sequence to know because a concentration on trade volume over trade peculiarity is absurd, let’s investigate a analytics from dual illusory websites:

  • Website A: Has 2,000 daily visitors with a rebound rate of 31 percent.
  • Website B: Has 1,500 daily visitors with a rebound rate of 6 percent.

Which website is indeed behaving improved formed on these dual removed metrics? Well, during initial peek we might assume that carrying 500 additional visitors per day (which comes out to roughly 15,000 some-more singular visitors per month) is ideal. However, is it unequivocally some-more profitable if your rebound rate is hovering during 31 percent? When we cruise that Website B’s rebound rate is usually 6 percent, a answer is no.