New Hunter Douglas Dealer Websites Increase Brick-and-Mortar …

DEARBORN, Mich.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–ChannelNet, a personality in digital sales and selling solutions, launched
a new play website height for Hunter Douglas, a leading
manufacturer and marketer of tradition window fashions. The high fidelity,
mobile-optimized height has fast proven to boost leads to
dealers, in-store visits and consumer rendezvous around mobile inclination and
amicable networks.

“The new resolution improves a altogether knowledge for all a customers,
either they are regulating a desktop, mobile device or vast shade monitor.
However, one of a biggest factors pushing a online and in-store
trade is a new concentration on a singular needs of a mobile user,” says
Jamie Rivera, director of Hunter Douglas selling programs. “On
average, particular dealers are experiencing some-more than a 400 percent
boost in online traffic. Plus, their visitors are staying on their
sites 77 percent longer.”

Of a 2,300 Hunter Douglas Alliance dealers that are on a ChannelNet
website platform
, tighten to 25% have already migrated to a new
mobile manageable height design.

The extensive resolution improves a consumer knowledge in a
series of new ways.

For a consumer, it includes:

  • Faster bucket times and a manageable pattern that is concordant with all
    mobile inclination and 3G or 4G connections.
  • A liquid blueprint for mobile users that formats a calm for each
    specific device with easy touch-navigation and formation of
    smartphone functionality, such as GPS and click-to-call.
  • Social media formation that enables website visitors to
    automatically perspective a latest posts and reviews.
  • Google maps formation with store hours and locations.
  • High fealty and image-rich content, that includes a rotating
    carousel on a home page, that displays a larger series of featured
    products as good as new animation, video and imagery showcasing all
    a product lines.
  • A portfolio of a dealer’s window covering designs that is searchable
    by room type.

For a dealer, it includes:

The ability to:

  • Dynamically customize a calm on a site.
  • Tailor settings for multi-store locations.
  • Create targeted selling campaigns.
  • Integrate with a dealer’s lead government system.
  • Integrate with a play information heart that contains a dealer’s store
  • Optimize for hunt engine marketing.
  • Help-desk support with:

    • Setup and management.
    • Creative and technical needs.
    • Automated analytics reporting.

“The new Alliance play website height gives everyone, regardless of
how they are observation a website, an optimized experience. The idea was
to strengthen a play as an attention consultant who will provide
veteran superintendence to assistance a consumer make a right purchase, and
that starts with a initial sense — a play website is that first
sense in today’s digital world,” says Paula
, ChannelNet CEO and founder. “The play feedback has been

The website recover has perceived a bullion sign of capitulation from dealers
like Jennifer Chandler of JCC
in Atlanta, Georgia. She says, “The website is more
streamlined, and it is easier for consumers to promulgate with me and
to learn about what we can do for them.”

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