Smyrna Police Department launches new website to boost transparency

Photo: WKRN
Photo: WKRN

SMYRNA, Tenn. (WKRN) – A new online apparatus in Smyrna will bond homeowners with their area police.

The Smyrna Police Department launched a website called P2P or Police to Citizens. It allows anyone to perspective all from trade stops and warrants to new arrest.

“They can go on there and see whose been arrested and demeanour during their engagement photo,” Smyrna Police Chief Kevin Arnold told News 2.

It’s distinct any use a military dialect has offering before.

“There’s a lot of things with this site that people can do. They can indeed make a news of temperament burglary or internet fraud,” Arnold explained.

He hopes a website will encourage clarity between a military dialect and a community.

“In this day in age, we wish to bond with your village as most as probable and by joining with a community, what we meant is being means to uncover them what a military dialect is doing, since we work for a public, they compensate a salaries, they compensate all of a apparatus and we work for them.”

The site was enclosed in a module package that Chief Arnold says cost around $500,000, though in a finish he says it will save a dialect income permitting adults to make copies of reports from home and slicing behind on dispatch calls.

The information should be posted within 24 hours, and a arch says it will not embody active investigations, information associated to minors, and some personal information of suspects.

“They can’t see anything, any identifying characteristics such as amicable security, date of birth, things of that nature.”

Chief Arnold says they are still operative on a few glitches with a site. They hope to eventually hurl out an app as well.

For some-more information on a program, click here.

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