What Happened After we Wrote That Cargo Shorts Story

These boys clearly didn’t get a cargo-shorts memo.

Thanks a lot Nicole. I’ve ragged load shorts for years since we can lift my cellphone, wallet, keys etc. Now we theory we have something else to be mortified of.
Have a good day.

—Email from masculine WSJ reader

Thank we for essay a load shorts article. we couldn’t brazen it to my father quick enough. He’s 72. I’m 66. When [our] sons started wearing them so did my father and he won’t let go. Such a stupid thing though it drives me nuts.
Kind regards.

—Email from womanlike WSJ reader

I apologize to a universe for igniting a Cargo Shorts Wars of 2016.

I pitched a story to try a discuss we was carrying with friends and colleagues. we had no suspicion tensions over load shorts were simmering underneath a aspect conflicting this nation.

Since the story published on The Wall Street Journal’s website Monday afternoon, it has devoured all a courtesy that was formerly fixated on a election. The story has dominated a Journal’s web trade for many of a week. NPR weighed in. So did Cosmopolitan.

VICE live-blogged reading a article, something we didn’t comprehend was possible. The Washington Post published a powerful defense of load shorts, arguing they should be “enshrined in a Constitution” and observant that a mantle helped better Hitler. The Washington Free Beacon constructed a useful graphic display how most load can be carried in load shorts.

I routinely write about courts and authorised issues, so this arrange of courtesy was unexpected—to contend a least.

At Thursday’s Federal Communications Commission meeting, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler and FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai plainly conceded holding positions on conflicting sides of what Mr. Wheeler called “this load shorts thing.” After Mr. Pai settled he was pro load shorts, another commissioner, Michael O’Rielly, said: “I’m pro not saying we in load pants.”

Most of a reader emails I’ve perceived are from group explaining in perfected fact a equipment they lift in their load shorts pockets and since they have no choice though to wear them in a summer. Some of a arguments are utterly compelling.

One reader said, “Sitting on a wallet on a prolonged expostulate is bad for your health.” Many readers pronounced their bellies demarcate them from wearing slim-fit shorts now in vogue.

Wallet, cellphone, keys (including today’s grievous automobile keys): Where do they go if we don’t have a lot of pockets? we don’t like or dislike them, though they’re a prerequisite in a summer. No, we won’t lift a purse. And no, we don’t wish to be fashionable.

—Email from masculine WSJ reader

The story influenced adult utterly a bit of annoy from a masculine readers. One reader asked since we was “afraid” of load shorts and pronounced we was behaving in an descent and assertive demeanour by essay this article. A shockingly high series of readers told me to examine their load shorts from their “cold, passed legs,” an picture we would like to purge.

Hi. we only sent a couple to my beloved of your essay about load shorts, and he immediately got really angry. we sent it to him since we suspicion it was funny, though he took offense that group are being unequivocally judged for wearing load shorts. Can we transparent adult for us if we wrote this essay to be humorous? Or was it a frank square about load shorts?
I fear he will pull behind with wearing even some-more load shorts and being even some-more unapproachable about it. What have we done?

—Email from womanlike WSJ reader

Of course, many load shorts opponents filled my inbox with praise. A favorite came from a builder of festooned preppy shorts who saluted me for highlighting “the shortcomings of a horrific cargos.”

Movie writer and executive Judd Apatow came out on Twitter


as a load shorts advocate, and economists spent time debating a extrinsic application of a additional pockets.

I am now a office’s cargo-shorts therapist. Middle-aged group and women stop by my table via a day to share their cargo-shorts mishap and anguish. we have been asked to demeanour during photos to establish either certain shorts are cargos or merely khakis. This is not a purpose we take lightly.

Readers have demanded follow-up pieces on equipment including women’s yoga pants, masculine sandals (also famous as “mandals”), jean shorts (also famous as “jorts”) and Hawaiian shirts.

For a record, we didn’t write this essay to make group stop wearing load shorts. You should keep wearing your load shorts. I’m only stating a contribution here.

On Friday, several Journal reporters and editors will be wearing load shorts to a bureau in a uncover of solidarity. Erik Holm, an partner news editor who is organizing a effort, pronounced he has attempted to enroll during slightest 53 masculine colleagues to join his load shorts army.

He said: “It’s a jubilee of a application and beauty of a most maligned load short.”

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