LIVE: Slow trade along I-85 northbound

Slow and infrequently stop-and-go trade is being reported along Interstate 85 northbound around a Pelham Road exit. 

The South Carolina Highway unit website is stating an collision with no injuries happened during 11:12 a.m. during a 55.5 mile marker. 

The website also shows an collision with no injures was reported only before noon during mile pen 54, that is Pelham Road.

Live video on a South Carolina Department of Transportation website showed a tractor-trailer with a red cab pulled over on a right shoulder of a interstate, and a Highway Patrol car with flashing lights behind it. It was privileged from a shoulder around 12:40 p.m.

Information from a SCDOT pronounced a right line was closed.

The website is also stating a hit-and-run during mile pen 56 (Highway 14 exit) happened around 12:25 p.m. 

Traffic was relocating solemnly and, during times, stopped.

Drivers will wish to equivocate that widen of interstate, or design delays.