Bikes have right of approach in crosswalk?

This week we listened from a series of people from around a state who had a same question: “Do people on bicycles have a right of approach in crosswalks?” we suspicion that was a good doubt so we checked with a Vermont Bicycle and Pedestrian Coalition website and here is what we found out. “Bicyclists do not have a right-of-way in crosswalks underneath state law unless they disembark and walk….”

Thank we to all a folks who showed seductiveness in this topic. we found a website to be filled with lots of information covering a accumulation of topics. Please take a look.


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Around a state

VT 102 in Lemington and Canaan has a paving devise with single-lane trade and reduced speeds. Expect delays.

VT 105 in Sheldon has a overpass devise that will revoke speeds. Look for single-lane trade this week.

VT 118 has a paving devise from Belvidere to Berkshire with swapping single-lane trade and delays.

VT 100 from Troy to Westfield has a paving devise with slower speed boundary and single-lane traffic. Expect delays.

VT105 in Charleston has a two-week paving devise with line restrictions and reduce speed limits. Expect delays.

US 2 in Lunenburg has line and speed reductions for a culvert project. Expect brief delays.

VT 100C from Johnson to Hyde Park has swapping one-lane trade for a paving project. Expect delays.

RT 15 during a Hyde Park devious has some reformation work. Expect delays.

Mallets Bay Avenue during a Winooski/Colchester city line will be sealed for a vital culvert deputy project. Look for detours and design delays.

US 7 has mixed alley projects from a Ferry Road intersection to Middlebury. Expect slower speeds and delays in all work zones.

VT 14 from Calais to Greensboro has roadwork going on that will delayed traffic.

US 302 in Groton continues to have line closures. Short delays in this work zone.

US 5 in Ryegate has a culvert deputy devise that will means brief delays.

VT 12 in Montpelier will have line closures and detours during overpass work on a Spring Street Bridge. Expect delays.

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VT 25B has a overpass devise causing line closures and delays.

VT 113 in Thetford from VT 244 easterly about 8 miles to US 5 has a paving devise that is causing delays. Expect Saturday construction. Granular aspect of a alley will need slower speeds in this work zone.

VT 12 from Randolph to Bethel has a paving devise that will means delays.

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VT 17 from New Haven to Waitsfield has occasional line closures for pointer replacement.

River Road in New Haven is still sealed for overpass replacement.

VT 125 in Hancock has line restrictions for a paving project.

VT 100 in Killington has a overpass deputy devise with a signalized one-way trade over a one-way proxy bridge.

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VT 106 in Woodstock has a paving devise causing brief delays.

Business 4 from West Rutland to Rutland will have a devise negligence trade this week.

Ripley Road in Rutland is sealed for a overpass project.

Walker Mountain Road in Clarendon is still sealed for overpass deputy though it is scheduled to open on 8/5.

Depot Street Bridge in Cavendish is closed. Detour in place.

US 7 has 3 projects causing delays: From Rutland to Wallingford, Manchester to Dorset, and afterwards in Wallingford where construction will means proxy short-term closures. Expect night work 6 PM to 6AM.

VT 140 and VT 103 in East Wallingford will have construction projects that will impact traffic.

US 7 in Pownal has a overpass devise with line closures and teenager delays.

Safe travels.

Brent Curtis is a open overdo coordinator for a Agency of Transportation.