Metro’s website gets a makeover

Metro’s new home page puts a Trip Planner in center, with rail and sight alerts during left. (WMATA)

Metro is arrangement off a beta chronicle of a massively revamped website.

The people who worked on it know it’s going to be cart for a while. They are seeking riders to exam it out and criticism on glitches. After those are worked out — probably a few weeks from now — the new chronicle will turn a usually version. Meanwhile, riders still can use a aged site during

But for those who exam a new site, during, a differences will be immediately obvious. It’s like boarding a new sight after transferring from a 1000-series car.

This is an comparison chronicle of a Metro home page, designed to equivocate scrolling. (WMATA)

The pattern of a aged site dates from 2008, when goals enclosed permitting riders to strech their information with no some-more than 3 clicks and environment a home-page shade so that all a vicious menus and buttons would be manifest on a laptop-size shade with no scrolling.

The series in mobile inclination occurred given then. Today, 60 percent of Metro’s Web trade involves mobile devices. One reason for rebuilding a site was to emanate a height that has a identical demeanour opposite all forms of inclination — desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets.

But a initial thing you’re expected to notice is that a pages feel roomier while make-up in some-more information, and this will come opposite either you’re looking during a site on desktop or mobile.

Another thing viewers will notice is that a site is apropos reduction text-heavy, with some-more importance on visuals, including improved use of maps and videos. Also, there’s reduction need to call adult a PDF, something we will notice when checking a new site for sight schedules. Use this page to collect a sight track and see what we mean. Notice that on a tip of a new home page, Trip Planner, Metro’s online scheduler, is front and center. The straight bar during a left will seem consistently on other pages as we cavalcade deeper into a site. Click on that bar, and it will enhance to arrangement a stream sight and rail alerts.

Below, see a screenshot of a hire page. we like both a clarity and a organization, compared with stream hire pages on Metro’s site.

The new hire pages, like a one here for Silver Spring, could turn end pages for Web users. (WMATA)

The pivotal information — including a hire map — is easier to see in this new version, and again, that’s either you’re observation on a desktop or phone.

Design work on a new site began in open 2015, pronounced Eleanor Evans, who heads adult a team.

I’ve had a possibility to click around some. In early going, we found a lot of things to like, though we haven’t finished a consummate review. Again, I’d review this to a knowledge of boarding a new train. It takes a while to catch all a features. we consider a one bug we gifted in a brief scrutiny occurred when we couldn’t get a sight timetables to arrangement in a Firefox browser. (They worked excellent in Internet Explorer.)

“We know there are things a riders are going to tell us about” during a beta contrast phase, pronounced Metro orator Dan Stessel. One approach to do that is around Metro’s patron criticism form.

That, too, is easier to entrance in a revised website. It appears in a listings during a bottom of a pages. The form itself is easier to know and use, as we consider we will see in a screenshot below.

The website’s new patron criticism form is easier to use. (WMATA)

I’ll keep looking by a new site and will refurbish this posting. Oh, one knowledge that’s consistent: we had difficulty removing a site’s pages to arrangement on my Verizon smartphone while roving a Silver and Orange line trains Wednesday morning.