Obit: Jeff Sandell, smarts behind, military scanner monitoring site

The owner of a Twin Cities website that monitored law coercion scanner dispatches and common them online for adults and reporters comparison has died, his family said.

Jeff C. Sandell, 39, a mostly unknown and sole user of, died Tuesday of colon cancer during his home nearby Buffalo, according to his mother, Nancy Sandell.

“I wish to let my friends and ­family know my son upheld divided … in his sleep,” Sandell wrote on her Facebook page. “He was a illusory person. … My son was Police Clips.”

Through a website and a compared Facebook page and Twitter account, Sandell built a multitude of ­followers that listened to a movements of law coercion during conversations with dispatchers via a Twin Cities area.

Whether it was military chases, lethal trade crashes or homicides, prisoner scanner audio whenever probable and posted it online, infrequently within mins of a maturation events.

“Why get your news 3rd, 4th or 5th palm hours later?” a website records in explaining a mission. “The audio here gives we a possibility to hear violation news as it happened from those who were there.”

Jeff Sandell, a puzzling one-man uncover behind military scanner website, died on Tuesday from colon cancer.