9 Investigates trade apps pulling drivers into area streets

by: Alexa Ashwell
Updated: Jul 6, 2016 – 5:59 PM



More than one million people live in Mecklenburg County.  And, according to a North Carolina Department of Transportation, residents in a Charlotte area expostulate an normal of 37 million miles per day. That’s an 1 percent boost from 2010. 

This expansion in race and boost in transport has contributed to overload on area highways and roads. Traffic corroborated adult for miles on interstates during morning and dusk rush hour is a informed steer and knowledge for thousands of drivers.  

Some drivers are relying on apps such as Waze to equivocate a trade nightmare. Waze is owned by Google and according to a website, is a world’s largest village formed trade and navigation app.  It marks trade in genuine time, afterwards provides a quickest route. Drivers accost it, observant it saves time and money.

But a app has also faced scrutiny. Mostly from homeowners, who explain a app is pulling trade into their neighborhoods. That’s been a box in states such as California and Maryland. 

Residents in Mecklenburg County consternation if it’s contributing to a boost in trade in their once-quiet neighborhoods.

“You don’t wish that many trade when you’re walking around with a baby and a dog,” pronounced Lana Gibson, who lives in South Charlotte. 

Each day, Gibson takes her 3 month aged daughter, Mila, and a family’s dog for a travel by a area famous as Madison Park. 

Madison Park, privately Seneca Place, is lined with trees, homes, and often, cars.  

“We do see a lot of trade here,” Gibson said.  “People try to equivocate trade off of Park Road.  They try to cut by here.”

Further south, nearby a Mecklenburg and Union County line Peggy Hall has also beheld an boost in trade on her area street.

“They fly, speed by here like crazy,” Hall said.

She adds that during rush hour, a time when children are mostly watchful for a propagandize bus, there is a continual upsurge of trade on Morningwood Drive. The village is called Eastwood Forest. 

Channel 9 counted a series of vehicles that upheld by a half mile widen of highway during morning rush hour.

In only one hour, 178 cars upheld by on Morningwood Drive.  More than a dozen vehicles were corroborated adult watchful to make a left spin towards 485 by 7:30 a.m..

By 8 a.m. a series of vehicles reached 300. And by, 8:30 a.m., after dual hours of counting, a sum of 400 cars were counted. 

Some of those vehicles were high-end cars.  A clue, neighbors say, that a motorist doesn’t live in this village of mostly mobile homes.

“Oh, Lord no,” Hall said.  “No.”

Channel 9 put a app to a exam to see if it would approach a car by Eastwood Forest.  It was morning rush hour and a organisation positioned themselves in Stallings.  The end entered was Channel 9’s studios during 1901 N. Tryon in Charlotte.

Thee primary track offering destined a organisation onto a highway famous as Pleasant Plains and afterwards Morningwood Drive. This was many expected to equivocate a vast behind adult on Old Monroe Road towards 485.

Channel 9 reached out to Waze to ask if programmers devise to make any changes to a app.  More than a week upheld but a response.

Neighbors pronounced they would acquire anything to cut a series of cars on their residential street, that has turn a permanent track for some drivers.

“Especially with small kids using around,” Gibson said. “Summer is here.”