WMAL Radio Towers Site Developer Says Traffic Would Not Exceed County’s Congestion Standards

Residents around Bethesda parcel consider new area will move too many cars

The rough devise for a 328-home area on a WMAL radio towers site. The five-acre territory in red could be indifferent for squeeze by Montgomery County

The rough devise for a 328-home area on a WMAL radio towers site. The five-acre territory in red could be indifferent for squeeze by Montgomery County

Toll Brothers

A trade investigate consecrated by a developer formulation to build a 328-home area in Bethesda says car trips generated by a devise wouldn’t surpass a county’s trade overload standards for circuitously intersections.

The finding, minute in a 116-page report from trade consultant Wells + Associates for developer Toll Brothers, was formed on a projected 209 morning rush-hour car trips out of and 271 afternoon rush-hour car trips into a new neighborhood. Using those outing era numbers, that are formed on a county Planning Department methodology, overload would be next a county’s thresholds for car ability during a 8 intersections.

“Therefore, no off site highway improvements are required,” reads a report, that was submitted to a county Planning Department as partial of Toll Brothers’ rough devise application. Toll Brothers wants to build 170 single-family isolated homes and 158 townhomes on a 75-acre site now home to 4 WMAL radio towers.

Developers that surpass a intersection ability standards could be compulsory to compensate for additional lanes or other improvements to get devise approval.

The distance of a Toll Brothers devise is singular in Bethesda, where a immeasurable infancy of land is already grown and infill growth of existent structures is some-more common.

From a Wells + Associates trade study, a draft display a projected commission of trade entrance area intersections generated by new neighborhood. Via Montgomery County Planning Department

The site, only north of a Capital Beltway and southeast of I-270, sits in a center of single-family neighborhoods along Greentree, Greyswood and Fernwood roads. The new area would have 3 entrance points, around dual points along Greentree Road and a prolongation of Greyswood Road.

At a open assembly in April, Toll Brothers and member from Wells + Associates heard doubtful residents who pronounced they were endangered with how many trade a area would generate. Many were also disturbed a trade would supplement to already undiluted intersections along Fernwood Road.

For many in a existent neighborhoods, a two-lane Fernwood Road, that widens to 4 lanes during certain points, is a categorical approach in and out around a tie with Democracy Boulevard, a vital highway with 6 lanes that connects to I-270.

The trade study, that wasn’t prepared when Toll Brothers reason a Apr open meeting, took into comment projected additional trade from a designed area and 11 other “pipeline” projects including expansions during NIH, Westfield Montgomery mall and Suburban Hospital.

It also enclosed residential projects underneath construction, such as a 34-home Bethesda Mews devise and 143-townhome Grosvenor Heights project, and mixed-use growth proposals that have prolonged been stalled in a capitulation routine such as Rock Spring Center and Ourisman Ford.

In a study, a intersection projected to be a many undiluted is during Fernwood Road and Democracy Boulevard with an dusk peak-hour “critical line volume” dimensions of 1,446, reduce than a county’s customary of 1,550. Critical line volume is a magnitude of intersection capacity.

If a due growth is approved, Toll Brothers would be compulsory to make a customary trade slackening remuneration to a county before a association starts construction, approaching to start in summer 2017 and continue in phases until 2022.

Prices for townhomes would start during only reduction than $1 million and a single-family homes would start during $1 million, devise officials have said. The sum volume of homes could finish adult during only 306 if Montgomery County purchases a five-acre apportionment during a southwest dilemma of a site.

Toll Brothers skeleton to reason that apportionment for a county for 3 years after a devise is approved. If a county doesn’t squeeze a 5 acres—which could be used for a park, propagandize or other open facility—Toll Brothers would afterwards incorporate it into a neighborhood.

At a Apr meeting, Toll Brothers Vice President John Harris told residents a Pennsylvania-based developer would reason another open assembly focused privately on a trade study. The developer’s website for a project says a devise group will announce a date for a assembly “in a entrance weeks.”