Record trade for a New Statesman website in Jun 2016

The New Statesman website had record web trade in June, interjection to a intelligent, ominous and ardent coverage of a EU referendum and a aftermath.

The site registered some-more than 4 million singular users and 27 million page views in June.

The many renouned singular essay was Laurie Penny’s response to a EU referendum and a genocide of Jo Cox, “I wish my nation back“, that was review by 2.6 million people.

In a singular day – 25 Jun – more than a million users visited a site.

In sum there were 4,091,832 singular visitors to a site in June. There were 27,291,666 page views.

Jason Cowley, editor of a New Statesman, said: “In these useful times there is genuine enterprise for honest, intelligent stating and lawful critique and analysis. Last month’s record online trade total – increased by a EU referendum and successive fallout – follow really clever online expansion given a site relaunched in Aug final year. Our imitation repository sales continue to grow and a New Statesman has not been in improved figure for 4 decades.”

Helen Lewis, emissary editor, added: “From amicable media to supermarket tills, a opinion to leave a EU has driven millions of conversations about politics. The New Statesman website has responded by charity intelligent, ominous critiques of a options for Brexit, endless coverage of a fast-moving developments in a Tory care competition and Labour’s shade cupboard revolt, and ardent polemic about what happens next. The NS now has some-more than 125,000 fans on both Facebook and Twitter, pity a stories with their friends and family.”

The group has been increased by a attainment of Julia Rampen as editor of a Westminster-focused Staggers blog. She joins politics editor George Eaton, special match Stephen Bush and emissary web editor Anoosh Chakelian in stating on politics inside and outward Westminster.

The New Statesman was a initial British periodical to launch an online book (in 1995) and now publishes all a repository calm online, giveaway to view, a week after imitation publication. There are also PDF, Kindle and iPad editions of a magazine, published each Thursday. 

The website combines essays, informative critique and reportage with witty, ungodly and polemical blogs and amicable commentary. More than 40 per cent of a New Statesman’s web trade is generated by online readers pity calm on amicable media.