Website Created to Communicate Traffic Changes During a Olympics

The city of Rio has introduced a website to promulgate changes to their travel system, that will start before and during a Olympic Games. The website Olympic City has been combined to inform both residents and visitors of highway closures and specific routes that have been combined for officials, athletes and a athletes families.

More poignant changes will start on a days where a marathon, cycling,, triathlon and competition walking events are held. The city has done changes to how they will hoop and respond to trade accidents and have practiced propagandize holidays to work around a Olympic schedule.

Mayor Eduardo Paes told Globoesporte that they wish residents to continue to use their cars during a games, though hopefully during a reduced level, “We do not wish a locals to leave a city, though to enjoy a Olympic atmosphere, to ready for a games and use their cars less. We contingency have a bargain that a Olympics will have a illusory dimension, though we have a series of contingencies.”

The site will be most like a Get Ahead of a Games website, that was used during a London Olympics in 2012. London has been praised by many for how they rubbed a travel hurdles that fundamentally come with hosting such an event.

Unlike Rio a city did use shock strategy to try to remonstrate residents to not use their cars while a games were in progress.

Interestingly the fines that were given out for regulating limited roads is heftier in Rio than it was in London. At a 2012 games people were fined £200, approximately $287 USD with today’s banking value, since in Rio a fines will be 1500 Brazilian Real, that equates to approximately $440 USD.