How To Use Pinterest To Increase Traffic To Your Blog

I’ve formerly mentioned how a summer is customarily a delayed time for my business. we also mentioned how we use this time to work on large projects that pierce my code forward. This year, one of those projects looked like learning, bargain and environment adult Pinterest to boost trade to my blog.

Why You Need More Blog Traffic

I’m violence a passed equine here, though we need a blog for your freelance business. It allows we to uncover people what we do, determined we as an consultant in your field, allows we to monetize in opposite ways and allows we to constraint leads by carrying them pointer adult for an email list. Sorry, though we can’t do all of that on Twitter or Facebook. You need your possess space on a internet.

Now, in sequence for all of those overwhelming things to occur, we need to indeed get eyeballs to your website. Using Pinterest to boost trade is a super low-cost approach to get those eyeballs.

Why Pinterest

Pinterest is like Google though with images. People go to Pinterest to hunt for helpful articles only like they would on Google. However, distinct Google, people on Pinterest can repin and share what they find on their possess Pinterest pages.

This means my ad income has increased, my email list is removing bigger and we have new intensity clients, business and amicable media followers.

  • Pin calm to organisation boards. Group play are Pinterest pages where several opposite people pin calm to a house with a sold interest. Additionally, they also repin a calm found on a organisation board. Some play have thousands of intensity readers so it’s a good approach to put your calm in front of a new audience.
  • Have high peculiarity images. we spent a lot of time formulating high-quality images – infrequently even mixed images per blog post – for Pinterest. we occur to suffer formulating images, though if you’re not really good during it or don’t have a time, we can always outsource it.
  • Have an orderly and well- branded Pinterest page. If we go to my Pinterest page, you’ll see we spent time formulating opposite play for mixed areas of finance. You’ll also see that we done cover photos for a house with my code colors. This organizes a calm so people can simply find what they are looking for.
  • Automate as most as we can. we use Boardbooster¬†to automate a images we pin to organisation boards. we also use Tailwin to report out pin postings to opposite boards. Combined they both cost me about $20 a month that is good value it for a formula I’ve been seeing.

Pinterest is an overwhelming low-cost tool that can assistance we boost blog trade and probable income in a really brief volume of time. While it takes some time to set up, regulating Pinterest to boost blog trade is singular handedly expanding my reach.