MMDA’s new website to compare violations with driver’s licenses

FROM a authority center, MMDA crew keep their eyes peeled for erring motorists on vital thoroughfares.    FILE PHOTO

FROM a authority center, MMDA crew lane erring motorists on vital thoroughfares. FILE PHOTO

MANILA — After rising a website that enables motorists to check if their cars were tagged underneath a no-contact confinement process scheme, a Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) will launch another portal this week to check if a person’s drivers permit has tentative violations with a agency.

During a agency’s weekly radio module on Sunday, MMDA Digital Media Deputy and Planning Officer Ria Rubia announced a launch on Friday (June 17) of a “E-license” corroboration website.

“We will launch a where motorists can submit their permit series to perspective if they have committed violations available by a MMDA,” Rubia explained.

The information enclosed here are a specific sum of a defilement like a time and place where it was committed and a analogous fine.

She combined that remuneration of fines for violations would also be reflected in a database. The website will also enclose information on a no-contact confinement process of a agency, according to Rubia.

“We will also embody a duplicate of a serve there,” a formulation officer said.

Rubia pronounced that a aim of a group in rising a portal was to relieve a series of inquiries a MMDA receives on a daily basement and also save motorists from a con of job a group and interrogation about their violations.

The MMDA also pronounced all a list of past and new violations will be enclosed in a website. “A engineer can see if there are still delinquent violations underneath his or her name,” Rubia said.

She, however, simplified that a violations to be listed by a website would usually be those tagged by a MMDA and would not embody those underneath a internal supervision units.

“We are operative on putting all these violations together [in one website],” Rubia said.

Last month, a MMDA launched a identical website called “” that available violations held underneath a no-contact confinement policy.  The new complement uses hundreds of sealed circuit radio (CCTV) cameras commissioned in vital locations via a capital like Edsa, C-5 and Commonwealth Avenue.

A engineer would simply need to submit his or her image series and a website will uncover if a car has been held on camera violating trade rules.  SFM