EU referendum: Voter registration deadline passes

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This month’s opinion is a initial on a UK’s attribute with Europe given 1975

The deadline for induction to opinion in a referendum on either a UK should sojourn in a EU has now passed.

However, a voter registration website suffered technical problems late on Tuesday evening, call calls for a deadline extension.

But a supervision source told a BBC a voter registration website was still open and usurpation registrations as of 00:45 BST on Wednesday.

The Cabinet Office said a emanate had been caused by “unprecedented demand”.

Before a deadline, a Electoral Commission pronounced 1.65 million people had practical for a opinion given a debate began final month.

However, this also meant that millions had nonetheless to pointer adult for a referendum on 23 June.

The BBC’s Newsnight editor Ian Katz tweeted that trade to a site appearance during 22.15 BST when some 50,000 people were perplexing to register – creation it subsequently crash.

A series of users, including some on Twitter, reported a page displaying a summary “504 Gateway Time-out” instead of a online registration form.

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This is a summary seen by some visitors to a site on Tuesday evening

Labour celebrity Jeremy Corbyn said a voter registration deadline should be extended following a website problems.

And Labour MPs Toby Perkins and Yvette Cooper also called for an extension. “People can’t be denied right to opinion given mechanism says no,” Ms Cooper pronounced on Twitter.

Their calls were echoed by Lib Dem Leader Tim Farron, who pronounced a registration problems were “a disorder a supervision has presided over and people contingency be given an additional day to practice their approved right”.

In other developments with 15 days to go before a UK decides a UK’s destiny in Europe:

Those authorised to expel a opinion – that embody British or Irish adults vital in a UK who are 18 or over and Citizens of Commonwealth countries who are 18 or over and who have leave to sojourn in a UK – have to be on a electoral register to indeed do so.

Anyone vital in a UK who purebred to opinion forward of final year’s ubiquitous choosing or final month’s elections in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland did not need to re-register if they still lived during a same address. If they had given moved, they had to re-register.

To request to opinion by proxy, people need to complete a apart concentration form, to be returned by 17:00 BST on 15 June.

Who is authorised to opinion in a EU referendum

  • British or Irish adults vital in a UK who are 18 or over
  • Citizens of Commonwealth countries who are 18 or over and who have leave to sojourn in a UK
  • British adults vital abroad who have been purebred to opinion in a UK in a final 15 years
  • Irish adults innate in Northern Ireland now vital overseas
  • Irish adults vital abroad who have been purebred to opinion in Northern Ireland in a past 15 years

The Electoral Commission pronounced 226,000 applications to register were perceived on Monday – a second top singular day’s sum given electronic registration was introduced in 2014.

Its communications executive Alex Robertson pronounced there had been an “awful lot” of seductiveness in signing up, with 150,000 of Monday’s applications entrance from people aged underneath 35.

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Voters will have dual options on a list paper

The series of applications does not indispensably proportion to a series of people being registered, as some might come from people who are already sealed adult to vote.

The Electoral Commission pronounced that a many new estimate, from 2014, suggested 7.5 million were not rightly purebred notwithstanding being authorised to vote.

While some-more than 485,000 people practical to register to opinion on deadline day forward of final year’s ubiquitous election, a Electoral Commission pronounced tens of thousands of others also missed out.

Levels of audience – a series of people who indeed opinion – is expected to be essential to a outcome of a referendum, with both sides perplexing to mobilize their supporters and to advise people of a consequences of staying during home on a large day.

The Electoral Commission pronounced levels of recognition about a referendum had increasing extremely in new weeks.

But a Electoral Reform Society pronounced a investigate suggested usually one in 4 electorate felt “well” or “very well” sensitive about a imminent opinion while 22% of people canvassed in late May had had no hit from anyone about a referendum.

It called on both sides to concentration on a “real issues during interest rather than celebrity politics, celebration spats, and name-calling”.

Leave campaigners, meanwhile, have lifted concerns that people from other EU countries – who are not entitled to opinion – have been sent polling cards.

In a minute to a commission, Tory MP Bernard Jenkin, authority of a Public Administration Select Committee, called for it to make a matter warning non-UK adults they faced probable jail terms if they attempted to vote.

Asked about a reports, Mr Robertson pronounced some polling cards had been poorly sent out though they would not grant people to vote.