HBO Wants PornHub to Stop Running Steamy Scenes From ‘Game of Thrones’

Fans of Game of Thrones like a fantastic violence, though also a tributary sex and nudity, that mostly involves a show’s vital characters.

So renouned are those smutty scenes that viewers are uploading them to PornHub, an adult website that claims to be a world’s biggest. The adult film industry, meanwhile, has been cranking out dozens of Game of Thrones “parodies” featuring actors that demeanour like characters on a show.

All of this has reached a indicate that HBO


, that produces Game of Thrones, has taken notice. Unsurprisingly, a studio is not gratified about a recognition on PornHub.

“HBO is wakeful of a emanate and is in a routine of removing element taken down fromPornHub,” pronounced HBO in a statement.

While a BBC report settled that HBO is “taking movement againstPornHub for crack of copyright,” a studio orator pronounced it has not filed any lawsuit.

PornHub, meanwhile, pronounced by email that it respects copyright and responds immediately to takedown requests. But during a same time, a association has published statistics attesting to a recognition of Game of Thrones among a users.

These stats embody information about a many renouned impression searches (the “Mother of Dragons” Daenerys is series one, followed by womanlike characters Margaery, Shae, and Cersei) as good as justification a porn site’s trade drops by 4% when Game of Thrones is on TV.

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While some competence see PornHub’s information as compelling viewers to find out unlawful HBO content, it’s doubtful a site faces critical authorised risk.

The reason is supposed “safe harbor” laws, that protects all demeanour of websites—from YouTube to Facebook to PornHub—from guilt for calm uploaded by their users. So prolonged as PornHub obeys takedown requests, it is safeguarded from copyright infringement.

According to John Bergmayer, a copyright profession with Public Knowledge, a preference to tell a Game of Thrones information does not meanPornHub forfeits a protected harbors, or commits supposed “secondary infringement”—an offense that studios use to go after bandit websites.

As for a Game of Thrones users who upload a scenes, Bergmayer says it’s doubtful they could explain satisfactory use, a authorised order that gives people a right to use copyrighted materials in certain situations.

“It doesn’t unequivocally seem they’re doing many in a approach of explanation or critique or informative work—they’re only being perverts,” he said, adding that he was not informed with a videos in question.

On a other hand, pronounced Bergmayer, those who upload can always indicate to a brief length of a shave to disagree for satisfactory use.

But many engaging doubt could be either a adult-themed Game of Thrones parodies count as satisfactory use. While a law typically provides really strong insurance to parody, HBO could disagree sex scenes formed on a characters are not satire during all.

PornHub pronounced those who post videos on a site could disciple satisfactory use cases themselves by filing a supposed “counter-notice” to revive a video that has been taken down. HBO did not respond to questions about a process on parody.