Reddit’s pull to horde users’ content

Media captionReddit boss: “We’ve started hosting images ourselves… it’s an sparkling time for us”

Reddit skeleton to horde some-more of a calm a users discuss, including images and video, a arch executive Steve Huffman has suggested to BBC News.

The forum has traditionally built a discussions around posts to outmost links, that a village afterwards votes adult or down.

“Every time we send a user divided there’s a possibility we won’t get them back,” Mr Huffman explained.

The change will align it with sites such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

“We have a lot of communities on Reddit that furnish strange content. Basically prioritising a calm producers will be a instruction of ours for a subsequent tiny while.

“It only creates a routine so most some-more streamlined,” says Huffman. The pierce is also seen as partial of a bid to boost a site’s revenue.

Privately-owned Reddit has some-more than 200 million monthly users and a site has a outrageous change on tellurian online discussion.

‘Fake it to make it’