Tourism apportion seeks some-more visitors from Japan

KINGSTON, Jamaica — Minister of Tourism Edmund Bartlett and tourism executive Paul Pennicook will accommodate with several tourism stakeholders in Japan as partial of efforts to re-engage a marketplace and grow caller trade to Jamaica.

Bartlett left a island on Sunday May 29 and earnings on Monday Jun 6, a recover from a method reported Monday.

“Two decades ago Jamaica perceived upwards of 20,000 Japanese visitors per annum though has given declined to roughly 2,000 per annum, due in partial to a prolonged mercantile slack in Japan and other factors,” Bartlett said

“However, with a world’s fourth largest economy and a race of over 127 million, still humming along and over 17 million people travelling abroad each year, we trust we have an event to re-engage Japan on a some-more postulated basement and boost caller trade to Jamaica,” he added.

The recover pronounced that Bartlett will accommodate with member from several airlines and impending investors during a accepting being hosted in his honour by Jamaican Ambassador to Japan Ricardo Allicock.

Bartlett will also have a assembly with authority of a Ueshima Coffee Company (UCC) to plead a due coffee festival in Jamaica and associated tourism activities.

UCC manages coffee plantations on a Blue Mountains.