Ten Websites Hit With 70m DMCA Complaints in a Year

copyright-bloodAs 2016 nears a mid indicate a tongue over DMCA takedowns is some-more burning than ever. Aware that a auspicious change in a law competence be probable someday in a future, copyright holders are pushing a Copyright Office in a United States to cruise a ‘takedown, staydown’ system.

This proposal, should it ever turn enshrined in law, would capacitate copyright holders to emanate a DMCA notice to a site for a sold square of calm with a expectancy that it will never seem again on that same platform. Opposition to such a regime is notable though it’s not formidable to see because copyright holders are so penetrating to have it implemented.

In a meantime they are stranded with a existent complement and their efforts are clearly illustrated in Google’s Transparency Report. During a past month alone 7,015 copyright holders and 3,176 stating organizations sent requests for 87 million URLs to be private from Google’s indexes. It’s a outrageous volume by any standard.

What is engaging is how a comparatively tiny series of domains comment for a jagged series of takedowns. For instance final month dual sites – file-hosting site 4shared and MP3 site GoEar – accounted for tighten to 11 million takedowns. That means that it took complaints opposite another 77,855 domains to make adult a remaining 76 million URLs.

When looking during a total for a final year a identical design emerges, with a tiny series of domains attracting jagged levels of complaints. Interestingly, those meditative that The Pirate Bay or KickassTorrents would get a tip slots will be disappointed. Those sites dark into nullity when compared to a front runners.


Also of seductiveness is a kind of site being targeted.

In initial position is 4shared, a file-hosting site trade ranked 434th in a universe by Alexa. While that represents outrageous amounts of traffic, it’s a site’s recognition in Brazil that is causing it to accept a jagged series of notices. 4shared is ranked a 53rd many renouned domain there, something that hasn’t left neglected by internal anti-piracy outfit APDIF who given 2013 have filed 17 million complaints in response.

MP3 indexing site FlowXD takes second place with an ‘impressive’ 8.2 million takedowns. Again APDIF has been promulgation a lion’s share of a notices, presumably due to a site’s recognition in Brazil and elsewhere in South America.

In a tighten third with roughly 7.7 million takedowns in a past twelve months is Chomikuj, a Cyrus-incorporated file-hosting site that is a 34th most-visited site in Poland. Overall, a UK’s BPI has shown a many seductiveness in a site, carrying sent some-more than 4.5 million notices given 2011. More recently, however, a most wider widespread of copyright holders have targeted a site.

Perhaps unsurprisingly a website unblocking use is also adult there with a front runners. Unblocksit.es has had roughly 7 million complaints filed with Google, mostly by anti-piracy outfit Rivendell who exaggerate being a “world Leader on Google’s clarity news for dismissal bootleg links.”

In fifth and sixth place respectively lay file-hosting giants Rapidgator and Uploaded with around 6.5 million complaints each. A far-reaching operation of copyright holders concentration on both sites with an importance on a song sector. Rapidgator and Uploaded have gifted a decrease in trade given a start of a year though conjunction are display signs of going divided any time soon.

From there, all remaining sites in a tip 10 are dedicated to charity giveaway music. None seem utterly renouned with English-speaking users. GoEar gets utterly a lot of Spanish eyes and for some reason Gooveo is rocking it in Guatemala. Viciomp3 and Esamusica both seem to be gone nonetheless copyright holders are stability to send complaints to Google.